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whats up from san antonio, tx...


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I posted once before, but decided im going to read this msg board more often so maybe an introduction would be a good idea...


I'm from San Antonio, and have not eaten meat in 5 years, and besides certain occassions, no animal products in three years.


Recently, I've begun lifting with some friends 4-5 days a week, but do not have any friends who know much about lifting while maintaining a vegan diet. Hopefully some of you guys can help out.



for more info check www.myspace.com/danielrosen



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Welcome Daniel!


Great to have you here. We have quite a few members from Texas. I don't know how many are from your city, but a good amount of Texans can be found here.


Glad to hear you are animal product free for a few years now. Good stuff. Most people here are into exercise of some sort so you'll find a really good community of like-minded people to communicate with.


Thanks for finding us! All the best and welcome aboard!

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