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me in borat style ;)


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I don't see Borat, but I see a pretty awesome physique! Great biceps, quads, shoulders, calves and lats.


Ok, Borat is pretty good, but you're much bigger than him


You are in the fitness shape-up challenge too I think. Everyone watch out!


Cool outfit too, I'd like to get one for sure. But I might end up wearing it to the grocery store and then I'd be in trouble.

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I think you have a very good physique! There are many strong points as I mentioned.


I showed davidtarrfoster (my roommate) because we watched Borat together and when he saw your photo he said, "wow, look at his legs! He's got some legs on him!"


Your legs were one of the first things I noticed. Biceps, shoulders and quads stand out the most to me.


Get some photos and get in that challenge! You'll be awesome! Thanks for the comments as well. I took look up to Daywalker.


All the best! Train Hard Eat Plenty!

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