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Korean Martial Arts

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I know this covers many different martial arts, but I began my martial arts training under the rubric of Tang Soo Do.


I am seeking a new way to get in shape and maintain discipline.


What would you recommend for increasing endurance, discipline, energy, etc. while being doable for someone who is drastically out of shape?

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That's not what I'm worried about.


I tried to return to martial arts a while ago, and I was discouraged because I was so behind everyone else. I had been a red belt (almost black in my system) and carrying the extra weight just made everything more challenging.


I got to a point where I would make excuses not to go. I know there are no requirements, and maybe I'm just stalling.


I don't know. It's hard getting back in the swing after years being out of it and gaining so much weight.


I guess the only way to get back into it is to just go for it.


I have another question, though.


Would you recommend trying out a university's martial arts program? Are they worth it? I'm in a teacher prep program, and they have a martial arts training class right next to the office where my grant program is located. I've done another school's program and was less than thrilled because they did not train on a mat or do sparring because of insurance reasons. This studio seems to have mats and maybe is more complete?


I guess there's no knowing until I try, right?


I just have to have the self discipline to make mysel do it.

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At my last college we didn't do many things due to insurance reasons, but at my current one, the instructor doesn't hold back at all. If you are worried about being behind everyone, a university is a great place to start as every semester most of the class is composed to people entirely new to martial arts.

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Everyone has to start somewhere and you should'nt let that stop you trying something you would enjoy.


I'm sure if you find a class with people in you feel comfortable with you will have a great time. We all pick up things at a different rate so forget about what others are thinking (they are probably too busy working out to even notice you) and go do something you enjoy

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I am starting to do a fitness routine through my campus. They have a variety of activities -- aerobics, pilates, yoga and other stuff. I'm arranging my life so that I do that stuff every weekday.


Eventually, I'm going to start at the place I was practicing at again. It's a little far, but it's not so bad.


I just don't want to start and end up stopping because I'm discouraged. It's a waste of my money and I'd rather be able to have the endurance and stamina to keep on truckin' than to start and stop and have to start all over again each time.

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