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surfing thru the channels i ran a new pro wrestling show, on MTV?! yeah i know, but it was actually pretty good. they had a few veterans you may have heard of, and i was glad to see them back in action. there was Vampiro, X-Pac (now know as 6-pack), Justin Credible, and New Jack. and the new guys were real good also. lots of high flying and acrobatic action. also lots of the good old tables, ladders, and thumbtacks!


check out a clip here.

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Sweet dude!


Thanks for the link. I never know if Pro Wrestling is becoming more popular or less popular. I grew up wanting to be a pro wrestler, now hang out with some pro wrestlers here in Portland and put on a pretty sweet match of my own recently (just for a movie, not in a real show).


Cool to see some familiar faces from back in the day. Neat to see some jumpstart groups too, not just WWE (although I love Vince).


Thanks for the info and link!

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