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The Secret


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I've never heard of this movie before. The website was very secretive... but I found this info (thank god for wikipedia): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_(film) edited to say--sorry for the messed up hyperlink, it doesn't like the (film) brackets.


Doesn't seem to be religious or self-helpy. Might have to check this out even though I think I've been living my whole life like this already.

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I've heard it is life-changing for some and others think it is cheesy and lame.


These two very different reviews by two friends I respect very much, really makes me want to watch it to see for myself.


I don't think it is a "self help" style of video, but I think it is very much a "go get em, you can do it, stay positive, take over the world" kind of video. Lots of friends have seen it so I've heard lots of bits and pieces about it and I really do look forward to reviewing it.

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I actually have it downloaded and watched some of it yesterday. I got bored like 20 minutes into it. Basically the movies says that what you feel you will get you will get. So it's basically to think positive I guess...


the same happened to me..


i got bored after the ''introduction'' ( the introduction was really cool.. )

i was really excited, wanting to know the ''secret''.. and then when they me the ''secret''.. i totally lost interest, and i didn't really believe in anything.. i mean, of course we have to think positive, our body will work in a different way, and that'll help us a lot, but i don't think the universe will adjust itself to do whatever it's in your mind.


well, who knows, perhaps i'm wrong, perhaps i'm not, but one thing is for sure, nothing has changed.. whether it's a power or not, i'll try to be positive about things..

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i mean, of course we have to think positive, our body will work in a different way, and that'll help us a lot, but i don't think the universe with adjust itself to do whatever it's in your mind.


I agree, and I think that is the problem. I know some people like this. They don't do actual work, they just think things will work out for them. I think you have to put in concrete effort with emphysis on tangible things, and focus on things that are practical before just "wishing" things to go a certain way.


I think people need to take real steps towards managing their own lives before leaving it up to "something or someone else" like the wind, perhaps. It is nice to "throw ideas out there and see where they land," but it's also a good idea to apply practical, real, physical, tangile work towards something you are interested in achieving.


That's just my take on it. I still look forward to seeing the movie and I'll have a better idea about what it is all about. I just worry that it may further empower the "wishers" who don't put in the effort.

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Amen to that..

just kidding..

actually, i still find important to think about what we want, instead of what we don't, although i believe it's more about psychology and our body will work better to achieve something.. perhaps that's what i'm creating right now.. for not being sure about that..



Robert: Are you planning to go to the WWE?

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I've heard about it and some of my friends have watched it but I haven't seen it yet.


It is something I'd like to see sometime.


Hey Robert, now I know what I'm getting you for your birthday! Keep an eye out for it in the next few days.


I think you'll find that you're one of those people who has already been using the techniques all your life. Once you learn more about harnessing the power of your mind, imagine just how much more you can achieve!!


Hmmm, perhaps this is the key for you to get on the WWE!!!


Thanks! It will be a great birthday gift. I'll watch it as soon as it arrives....unless you want me to wait until my birthday?


I really appreciate it, so thank you kindly for sending it. That is really nice of you.


Funny you mention WWE, I'll be at their live RAW show in Portland on Monday. I'm toying with the idea of doing some local pro wrestling but I'm not sure. We'll see.


Thanks again, you rock!

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i finally got around to watching this yesterday. I definately think that some of it makes sense. negative energy and negative people draw more negativity, just like when youre having a bad day and things just keep getting worse. It made me reflect on experiences in my own life and consider my attitudes at times when i was really happy and times when ive been miserable. Lately i've been the latter so i started the day trying out some of the positive thinking, the gratitude and positive visualization, deflecting my roomates incredibly negative energy and sending positive energy her way, my day was actually pretty decent.


The thing is it's hard to maintain it i guess, because i'm finding myself feeling depressed right now and can't get out of it by thinking of happy things or listening to happy music.


I guess it's a process.

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"The Secret" IS the law of attraction. This law proves that like attracts like. Whatever we think about, we manifest into existence. It's important to note that the law is based on scientific data (quantum physics).


No offense this has nothing to do with quantum mechanics. Anyone who says it does knows nothing about quantum mechanics or is lying.

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