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Can you touch your toes

Can you Touch your Toes?  

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I was never very flexible, even when I was involved in a sport that required a lot of flexibility. Since running and weight training I've become less flexible, though I can still touch my toes if I try hard enough (and not just bouncing).

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I can touch my toes and do a one handed handstand too ...


This was one of my first avator pics on here so heres the full version ...




That's pretty cool but are you balancing with your foot on the cupboard?



Also, are those humping unicorns on your shirt?

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Zack, you are a lucky man!


I know that davidtarrfoster hasn't voted, but he can't touch his toes and he's probably the least flexible person I've ever met when it comes to touching toes. When he gets close it's cause for celebration. I can touch my toes with pretty straight legs. But I'm terrible when it comes to overall flexibility. I really need to work on it.

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I was 260lbs+ when I got out of 8th grade





Not really...I was a fairly healthy mix but very athletic for me size since I played travel hockey

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