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Hello My Fine Feathered Friends! ;o)


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My name is Teresa and I am currently in Washington state. I say currently because me and my fam-damily tend to move around alot. In the last 5 years we've lived in Seattle, 3 different cities in FL, 2 different towns in MI, 1 town in WA and are going to be moving to AZ soon.


I have 3 delicious children and one wonderful husband. My husband is a real estate investor and I'm a stay at home mom with many different projects on my plate right now.


We were vegetarians for about 4 years, then became Vegan back in September, and decided to become completely Raw Vegan last Saturday We're already seeing and feeling results and are so excited for our new life-formatin.


I'm happy to be a part of this community and hope to connect with alot of you!


Good Fortune to you all in all that you do!


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Welcome to our group Teresa!


You'll have a lot of fun here and meet some really cool people! With all your travels, there is a good chance you'll bump into someone from here, as our group grows globally, everyday.


I'm sure you're happy to see with have a whole Raw Foods Sections so please check it out and enjoy!


Thanks for the great intro, thanks for joining our group and welcome aboard!

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