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Me and my dog


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It's me and my Rotweiller: Thessula...


In France there's a law about dogs:


The first category with dogs with not pedegree which lifelike STAFFORDSHIRE, AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER, BOER-BULL and TOSA


The second category: (with pedegree)




We are many obliged to declare dogs in a city hall, rage vaccine, dog assurance, muzzle, keep dog on a lead every time.

this dogs are forbidden to - 18 years and poeple with criminal record.


The first category are sterilize and the sale is forbidden!


Every people are frighten with these dogs...but they are nice like other breed!


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staffordshire bull terrier are so nice!


A day, when I come back shopping... there is a staffordshire bull terrier abandoned in front of my house...

I ask it to folow me for take it in my garden the time to take my purchase in my home...

And I take it with the collar and lead (of my dog) for send it at town hall.

It's was verry nice and obedient....


Womans witch work in the town hall are frighten!!!! and womans phone to the dog refuge for man gone to keep the dog...


And mans when whith break collar and cat lead!!!! so funny with frighten womans!!


And mans are afraid and the dog begin to jump everywhere...


I tell they to move away and I take the dog in the car...


It's so funny to look French people with this sort of dogs...thank to our gouvernement for effraid everyone with they media and the low.

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Great photos! Thanks for sharing them! It is awesome to see you so active on the forum and you are always so nice, giving lots of other people great comments on their photos. It is much appreciated and we're very happy you shared photos with us too!


cute, cute cute!

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I hope to find more forum members from France. I'll continue to look for more French Vegans and bring them here


Yeah, in parts of the US veganism is very popular. Mosty West Coast, East Coast and a few places in between.


International community groups like this are great to bring people together (through photos, stories, friendships, common interests, etc.).


Thanks again for posting the photos and for being on here. You're great!

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thanks, she is very crazy when we go to the education center...She's not obedient when she is with other dogs!

Last saturday, she broke my strangler collar (in iron) while she pull!!

But, out of the education she's very obedient: she's love pass me for stupid...


I'm too nice with her!!!

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And Nicole's are cute too ! How are they doing ?


They're doing awesome, thanks! Maizy is calming down in her old (3yo) age, Wrigley is about to turn 2 in April, and Probert has learned the joy of sleeping under the covers with his girl (me) on cold winter mornings. Life is good for my pups.

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