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My horse...18 years old!


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I haven't been on a horse since I was about 10 years old. I was on a pony and got bucked off and I've been scared every since. My family still has horses and I'm always a bit scared around them, but mostly because they are so big. I fear people/animals bigger than me! I don't dislike them, I'm just nervous around anyone bigger than me.

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I thought ferrets are pack animals ( I dunno if this is the right word for that but I think you know what I mean). I learned so.


The horse is very beautiful. I like horses. They look so pride and strong. Just beautiful.

I went horseriding and vaulting when I was a child. I'm sorry for that nowadays....

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Freddy is the ferret of my youg brother...

He is so funny, when my brother release he in the house, he jump and run everywhere...

Freddy is very nice because he don't bite we but he lick!


The alone problème is he smell strongly

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Why don't you answer my question concerning the ferret? Why do you have just one? Is there a reason for? Normally they live in prides! It's not appropriate to this species to live alone. That's why I ask.


Greets Kim





Hello Kim,


Freedy is the ferret of my brother. He buy Freddy when he have 12 years and now he have 16 years.


My brother buy Freddy whit a breeding who raise for do hunt...


You are reason I think, ferret and all off creature living are made to live in a groupe as cats dogs, rats, horses, humans, ect....


I think Freddy is in good health but I supose he think at his family and similar.


I am the alone vegan in my family:

My father is a butcher,

my oncle work in a abattoir,

my other oncle have a industrial hen breedind as my cousin....


When I eat in a family meal... they try to do eat me meat. It's dificult to do respect my point of view.



But don't worry Freddy is not for do hunt, he's just a pet as other sort of pets.



I hope I reply your questions?




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