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refrigerating foods


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Most grains are recommended for only 5 days or so. Beans generally 3-4 days. Tempeh or tofu most likely longer, depending on their expiration date. I doubt cooking has a dramatic effect.


I've had red kidney bean whole grain pastas saved in the fridge for about 7-9 days and didn't get sick or notice any spoiling. I'd just use your best judgement.

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is this because you need to cook on the weekend and you dont have time to cook during the week because of work/school/sports/military/space travel??


if i were you, i'd get myself to costco and buy a rice cooker. you can gook grains and dry beans in it. all you have to do is measure out your portions, add the correct amount of water, and then set the timer for the next day. good rice cookers have a delay timer. i can set mine from

1-15 hours on delay. that way, it just soaks the beans/grains until the next day and then cooks them in the afternoon. then when i get home from space travel... ahem... my beans/grains are piping hot and ready to eat.



that page shows the rice cookers available on costco's website. they have one for $29.99US in store. if you don't have a membership, you can pay five dollars to shop for one day. then it's 35.99. that's cheap! i'm sure if you search ebay and other site, you can find one. mine's the brand "Aroma" and it is great.



on the other hand, if you're just asking this on a 'i want to know' basis...

i wouldn't store any of this past 4 days. odds are, you'd be okay after a week. but there's a chance of getting sick. and if you do it all the time, chances significantly increase for bacterial problems. best to cook every other day or every third day if cooking time is a problem.

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