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just found out about this site today through a bulliten i saw on myspace.


so starting things off... my name is sam, i'll be 20 in about a month and a half. i've been into the veg lifestyle for a little over a year now, several months of being an ovo lacto vegetarian before "cutting the crap" and going vegan. so i'm sort of a "noob" to it, but so far i feel great about it and positive it's going to be a longterm/lifelong lifestyle. my origional motives for going veg was health related, as it seemed like an easy and effective solution to alot of health problems. but soon after getting into that lifestyle i became more educated and concerned about animals, which ultimately is what made me go vegan.


i'm not a body builder, nor do i plan on becomming one. i've been slim(not sickly scrawny skinny, but slim) all my life and i havent gained or lost any weight over the past year of having an animalfree diet. the main reason for joining this site was to learn alot more about veganism and health related stuff from like minded people. i don't work out really, though i'd like to start a little, just for a little overall fitness, but mostly to get rid of the "beer gut" that i've developed from working in a call center for a the past year and a half and playing countless hours of halo2.


thats pretty much it. just thought i'd introduce myself.

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Welcome Sam!


Glad to know mspace bulletins are being sent out I sent out some and I know others are doing the same. It helps build our community here. Don't worry about not being a bodybuilder. Out of the 700 of us (not 700 club) we have about 5-8 competitive bodybuilders. Most people here are vegans and into exercise in some way.


We have a really nice community here so enjoy your time on the forum.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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Hello and Welcome from me...


thats a cute doggie you have with you ... they need an intro too


thanks, thats ziggy. he's pretty much my best bud. 2 year old staffordshire bull terrier. i have another dog too, her name is stella and she's almost a year old, same breed.


they rock.









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He is beautiful. I have a 5 yr old staffy girl ... she is very much a pampered princess (as all staffs should be) and the light of my life ...


Ziggy looks the cutest as a puppy and once you have had a "staffy snog" there is no going back

i've had staffy's all my life, 2 or 3 at a time. my parents used to breed and show them. there are no other dogs i'd rather have.

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