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Tigress hits 500!


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Tigress, my dear......welcome to the 500 post club!


Thanks for all your contributions over the past months, and especially recently! I really appreciate how warm and friendly you are to everyone on the forum and as a group we really enjoy having you here. Thank you for helping make this a very fun and enriching place for people to spend their time.


Welcome to the 500 post club! I think I'll have to make you another shirt

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Ty everyone for the lovely congrats


Poor 500, what did he do to warrant being hit by Tigress?


Is 500 OK after being hit by Tigress, she's a kickboxer is she not. Hope 500 is not too concussed or anything like that, bet she can pack a mean punch.


Nice1 Tigress.


Post 500 is reeling from the punch lol

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