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non-dairy 'milks'


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I just bought myself a Soyabella soy milk and nut milk maker as an early birthday present, and I've been experimenting a bit.


So far, I've made a hemp-sesame milk (3/4 hemp, 1/4 sesame, soak seeds 2 hours before grinding) which tastes a bit 'veggie' due to the hemp, but is better with a bit of agave and vanilla and makes a good smoothie.


Today, I made macademia nut milk (1/2 cup macademia nuts, soaked overnight, makes 1 quart + 12 oz 'milk'). It was rather bland to begin with (but that's better than a funky aftertaste) but is DELISH with added agave, vanilla and a pinch of sea salt.


Both milks are very pretty: 'milky' white and smooth.


I hated to throw out the macademia nut past that was separated from the liquid, so I threw it together with some raw dried coconut, agave, vanilla and a touch of salt, and 6 'cookies' are now drying in my dehydrator. I don't know how they'll turn out, but the raw 'dough' tasted really good!


So from 1/2 cup macademia nuts, I have over a quart of 'milk' and a half-dozen cookies. The high fat content doesn't seem so bad when it's divvied up like that!


Anybody else make non-dairy 'milks'? Have a soymilk maker? Any recommendations for types of milks I should try?


I'm planning to get a tofu-making kit (they cost $17.99) so I can make fresh (and I'm talking REALLY fresh) tofu from some of the soy milk I end up making.


I'm always pleased when a new food experiment goes well, and so far, Im batting 100 (experimenting with raw dehydrated foods didn't have quite as positive a score!)

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A few days ago I was going to make soy milk with my machine but I was out of beans(almost) so I made a 50/50 blend of soy and kasha. It was nice and pleasantly toasty...but today I made the best milk ever. I cooked short grain brown rice then put it in my machine. I don't like it sweet but it could be sweetened...anyway I think I like this much more than any soymilk I've ever made or purchased

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I just made sesame milk for the first time(raw seeds...unhulled) and it blew my new favorite(rice milk from brown rice) out of the water. There is a lot of floating gunk in it but it tastes much better than any milk I've had(non sweetened too).


***Also a new thing I've been doing is making burgers with the filling...I add onions and/or potatoes as filler along with oregano, garlic, tumeric, a bit of gluten free all purpose flour, along with a bit of love...then I fry it in the teeniest bit of oil until it i browned...it sure is good stuff

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Yeah...cashew is quite good...especially with a bit of agave


By the way...how do you make your tofu???


I milk my beans with my Soyquick milker and then pour some coagulant into the pitcher, cover it for 10-15 minutes, then pour it into a press slowly over some cheesecloth, fold the cloth over the curd, press it and let it sit in the fridge for a little while to set hard. I bought all the supplies from this site:


If you already have a means of making soymilk, you just need the tofu kit.

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