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i used to listen to the winamp-radios.. ( winamp.com )

but now that i have i mac i started using more ''apple'' stuff.. therefore: i'm using itunes ( itunes.com ) and itunes not only has podcasts.. but it also has radios.. ( not as good as winamp's though.. )

well, don't worry about that, you can still itunes with a pc.. or winamp with a mac.. either ways.


Podcasts: they're like radioshows, but they're not ''live'', the good thing about them is that you can listen whenever you want.. and itunes has hundreds and hundreds of podcasts in different languages on different subjects..

i really recommend that you to download itunes and subscribe to some podcasts.. they're really easy to use.. and they're awesome!


If you're looking for stuff like Veganism, Animal Rights and so on, itunes is the place for you.

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