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I spend most of December in India. Was absolutely incredible. It had been over 13 years since I had been back....much has changed. Of course, It's a great pace for a vegan!


A few choice pics:


The Taj Mahal - Agra, India. The largest monument in the world built for LOVE. Absolutely incredible. Worth going to India just to see it. Notice the reflection of the Taj in the pool. I was lucky in that there were hardly any crowds there and the weather was perfect.



Yoga on The Beach - Kanyakumari, India. This small beach is at the very southern tip of India, where the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea converge. The sand is tri-colored, having washed ashore from three distant regions in the single spot. I was there at sunset. Very special.





Gateway of India, Mumbai (Bombay)


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I've got about 700 pics. Will be setting up my flickr albums soon to share them. I travelled all over (Delhi, Jaipur, Bihar, Mumbai, Chennai/Southern Tamil Nadu).


Benny Boy: generally speaking, dairy is a large part of Indian Diets, but this is mostly in the form of Yogurt or sweets made with dairy or milk added to tea/chai/coffee. All are easy to avoid. The other thing to watch is that they don't add clarified butter (ghee) to the food or as a topping for the breads (naan or roti/chapati). Both are avoidable if you ask people. Some main dishes also use cream or paneer....but again, pretty easy to spot!



You won't have a problem finding lots of great vegan food. Just speak up and let people know. And the fruits are AMAZING there. If you are going there for a few weeks....I would avoid eating ANY raw vegetables/salads. They will be tempting.

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Great photos Ravi!


Great to see you back on the forum as well. I'm really glad you had an awesome time. Of course, we missed you but we appreciate the updates, and the photos and nice shirt by the way!


I'd love to see more pics so I'll wait for those albums to go online and I'll check them out for sure. My friend Jordan, who you may have met at the Vegan Holiday Festival was over in India a few months back as well. He enjoyed it very much.


I haven't done much traveling at all over the past couple of years. Just trips around the US and up to Canada. Time to get out there again!


Great stuff and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the pics! Do you have any more? I never get tired of looking at the incredible diversity of architecture and people in India. It's definitely on the must see before I die list.

Here's a few of Goa for ya:













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A few more - sorry about the size - it was taking too bloody long to re-size so gave in in the end:











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