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I've decided to start a training log to keep better track of my progress. I've been using a constantly updated Microsoft word file before this, but this will be cool since I can get feedback . We'll go back in time for a minute here:


2/13 Quads, Calves

A quick workout, did low volume, high weight.

Squat 145lbx 10 deep; 195lbx 8 reps, 7 reps; 190x 4 reps

Leg Press 405x10, 450x10, 460x10, 7 (plus mass of sled)

Rotary Calf 190x15, 10


2/16 Chest, Arms

Best chest and arms workout of my life. Hands down .


Bench Press 100x15, 135x8!, 5, 5. Yeah, bench is a "weak point", when I started lifting in May I couldn't press the bar, and [email protected] 8 reps has been a goal forever, so yeah!

Incline DB Press 50'sx6, 6; 35's x 10

Chest Flye 30x7, 10

Machine Cable Flye Each hand had machine set to 17.5, did 2 drop sets


Dips 2 sets to failure

Pushdowns #10x8, 8 (Don't know what arbitrary numbers on these machines correspond too, neither does incompetent college gym staff)

Standing EZ bar curl 75x 10, 70x6, 65x6 supersetted with Standing straight bar curl 40x8, 35x8, 35x9

Incline DB curl 17.5's x 8, 20'sx 7, 25'sx 5

This seems like a long workout. Actually, the chest went really fast, and the arms were one giant superset, so it was not that bad. Awesome pump afterwards, deltoids engorged with blood, arms pumped, chest puffed up. Posed down for a minute in the locker room and then had an 800 calorie shake.


2/17 Hamstrings, Calves, Abs

Workout took longer than I wanted it to today. I saw a buddy at the gym, he likes to talk alot, he thinks gym is social hour . But it didn't really matter, today was the workout where I don't actually concentrate on a major muscle group (chest, back, or quads), just tying up some loose ends I felt I didn't work enough during the last 7-10 day stretch. Plus I just wanted to get in the gym, be around that positive atmosphere.


Lying leg curl #9x6, 7, 7; #8x12

Seated leg curl #9x12, #10x6, 6, 5

Rotary calf 210 lbx13, 13; 190 lbx15

Standing calf raises (with freeweight barbell) 145x20,; 155x15, 15

Ab work- Decline crunches holding 25 plate, 10 plate, then a bunch of unweighted ones. Lying leg raises.


Looking pretty decent lately at 5 9', 156 pounds. I want to be in the 170's to 180's bulked, ultimately. I also want to compete. I know I can do it !

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I took Sunday off. I trained back today. I usually do deadlifts and less bicep work, however they we're kicking me out of the gym since they were closing and biceps are easier to do quickly.


2/19 Back, Bi's

Rotator cuff warmup

Lat Pull down- I set the machine to #11, then added an additional weight. I really wish I knew what these seemingly arbitrary numbers meant as far a weight. *sigh*. 10 reps, 6 reps, 7 reps

DB Row 80lb db x 7, 9, 10; 85x 6

Seated Cable Row #12x9, 12; #13x 10

Pullups 4 sets (with assist) to failure

Standing DB curl 25x8, 8, 10; 30x6, 6

Hammer Curl 25x6, 6

Seated DB Curl 25x5, 5; 30x3 (tired at this point)


Overall, I made gains from last week in all back exercises, except pullups, where I ended up using more of an assist than last week and performing a few less reps. I think this was because the DB rows were heavy, and I did the pullups right after, really tired, and rushed since the gym was closing. The bicep work was fine, I lift more when I train biceps on chest day, since they aren't as fatigued. All in all a decent workout. I think I'll do pullups again later this week, they are fantastic for lat development. I'm starting to get a little bit of that V taper, and it looks awesome . Till next time- josh

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great work! keep it up

what's your diet like at the moment?




As far as diet, right now I take three of those shakes I outlined in the Pea protein thread, one fruit and two chocolate. I eat 3 food meals too, mostly potatoes and fake meat, spaghetti and fake meat, or rice and fake meat. Does anyone have any suggestions for cooked meals that are high in protein and contain natural foods, not so much processed soy meat? I want to cut alot of that from my diet, it works for building muscle but I get so tired of it and it's too much soy anyway. The only thing is I try to stay away from nuts and beans since my digestive system doesn't like them very much (I can't eat nuts or nut butter really, beans are okay in small quantities).


The shakes I have downpact, and even the rice, potatoes, and pasta is fine. I just need suggestions on protein sources from real food that isn't more soy meat or nuts. Any feedback would be great!

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So I was debating on whether or not to go to the gym today or tomorrow. I went today, was rushed, really tired w/ a stomach ache, and subsequently sucked in the gym. I should've stayed home, did my lab writeup, and went to the gym tomorrow. Now I have to do the lab, get 5 hours of sleep, and I had a shitty workout. I made the wrong choice . I hate when that happens. Oh well.


2/21 Quads

Squats 145x12 deep, 195x7,6; 195x4 partial

Front Squat 95x8, 105x8

Leg Press 450x10, 10



Workout was only 45 min but I rested way too much and didn't even get a good pump... I'm probably too hard on myself...

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So I haven't updated in awhile, but that doesn't mean I wasn't busy ! I usually like to update this stuff in batches since I'm lazy. Here are the last three workouts I did. They were all excellent, especially today's quad workout. Killer!


Saturday 2/24 Deltoids, Traps

Reverse Cable Flye Warmup, 2 drop sets

Seated DB Press 35x10, 40x8, 7; 42.5x6

Push Press 45x10; 75lbx 6, 6; 95x4 partial

Behind the neck push press 65x10, 6

DB Shrug 55x10, 10; 60x10, 10, 10, 10; 65x6, 6

Smith machine shrug @ 3 sets

Upright Row done very carefully 65x9; 70x6, 6

Side laterals 15lb db's x 8, 8, 8

Pullups to failure


A lengthy workout, but fun, since I rarely get to work deltoids on their own day.


Monday 2/26 Chest, Arms

Bench Press 95x15, 135x6, 6; 125x6

Incline DB Press 50 lbx 6; 45x7; 52.5x3

Chest Flye 35 lb db's x 8; 40x6 dropped to 25x3; 40x3 dropped to 25x3

Pushdowns 5 sets (two variations used)

Standing EZ bar curl 75x8; 70x5, 5 supersetted with

Standing straight bar curl 40x8, 35x7, 40x6, 30x8

Incline DB curl 20lb db's x 6, 6, 6

Chinups to failure (with static hold at end)


Some numbers were better than last week, some the same or not quite, but all in all it was a good workout.


Tuesday 2/27 Quads

Wasn't sure if I was going to the gym today, but with two midterms later this week I needed to get in at least one workout before friday nights workout. I'm glad I went. I'm gonna be hurtin' tomorrow!


Warmup Ran 1/4 mile, stretched for 5 minutes

Squats 145lb x 12 very deep, 195x9!, 7; 185x9

Leg Press 450x10, 475x10, 9; 495x 5 (plus weight of sled)

Front Squats 115 lbx 10, 10, 7; I can definately go for 135 next week easily.




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So I haven't updated this thing in about forever, but I have been working hard nonetheless. Some lifts have gone up alot. Here are the last couple sessions I had at the gym.


Quads 2/21

Squat to parallel 135x12, 185x9, 9, 195x8

Leg Press 500x10, 9, 5; 450x 10

Front squat 115x10, 7, 7

Leg Extensions 6x10, 7x8, 8


I just want to note that my legs were sore for days after this workout. It was ridiculously awesome.


Chest, Arms 3/24

Bench Press 95x12, 115x10, 135x8, 140x6, 145x5

Incline DB press 50'sx 7, 6, 6

Push Press 65x8, 6, 6

Dips 2 sets to failure

3 sets of pushdowns

2 sets machine tricep pushdown (the one with the hammer like handles where you rest your arms on the pad)

Preacher curl 45x12, 50x6,6

Standing curl 65x6, 6, 6


Legs-Hamstrings emphasis 3/25

Front squats- 115x10, 135x10, 140x7, 135x7

Seated hamstring curls 2 sets

lying hamstring curls 2 sets

lunges 20 lb x10 reps, 10 reps, 40 lb x 5 reps (first time ever doing lunges, really don't like them, to be honest)


Back, Bi's 3/27

Pullups 3 sets to failure

Lat Pull Down #10x12, 11x5 drop set to 7x5, 11x5, 11x9 (came back and did this last set later in the workout)

Bent over DB rows 85lbx 11, 9; 90lbx 8, 8

Seated Cable Row 13x8, 12x9, 13x7 dropped to 8x5

Then I trained bi's to failure, didn't really worry about recording poundages

3 sets preacher curls

3 sets standing curls

3 sets db hammer curls

2 sets incline db curls

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I hit quads super hard yesterday. Check it out


3/28 Quads

Squat to parallel 135x12; 185x10; 195x8; 200x6

Leg Press 495x10 warmup; 540x 7, 8, 8

Leg Extensions with squeeze at top #6x10, 7, 10; Single leg #3x7


Not too long of a workout, I didn't have much time, I was on campus working all day/night. Got a fabulous 3 hours of sleep, which sucked, but I've been eating a boatload of food and lots of fruit, if that counts towards being a bodybuilder. Well, off to do more schoolwork.

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Hey! I haven't updated in awhile, that seems to be a chronic condition for me! But I have been working, and improving drastically. I put up 145 lbs for 6 reps on the bench press on monday, which is a new PB by far!


I hit quads and hammys today:

Squats to parallel: 145x12, 190x8, 200x6, 225x5, 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, first time doing 2 plates, and 5 reps to parallel to boot! I think I've been underestimating my squat ability for awhile so lets see how far I can push it.

Leg Press: 540x10, 585x10, 585x7, 565x7

Leg Abductor (or adductor? Inward motion): 3 drop sets

Leg Extension 3 sets

Lying leg curl 3 sets

Seated Leg curl 3 sets


Legs are gonna be hurtin' tomorrow!

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I trained back for about a half hour today with my buddy Kyle. I didn't feel too strong today but I had a decent workout. It looked like this:

4 sets lat pull downs

4 sets bent over db rows

3 sets pullups

3 sets T-Bar rows

Some goofing around

I didn't handle too much weight, but the gym closed early today so we only had about a half hour.


I was so sore from legs yesterday! My crotch was so tight from the adductors and abductors, it hurt like hell and I could barely walk! But it was a good soreness and has lessened alot today, thank goodness.


I will probably train chest and arms tomorrow with my usual training partner Nick.




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I trained shoulders and traps today with my buddy Kyle. I started off with 4 sets for chest, which also work the deltoids, only because I won't hit chest again until probably Friday with Nick. I am also going to concentrate a little less on my chest and back, and moreso on my bi's, tri's, and shoulders in the next few weeks. These are really my weak points as far as upper body. I have a pretty wide chest/back, and silly spaghetti arms. I look like a spider, haha.


The workout went like this:

DB bench press 60's, 50's, 55's, 55's for 6-8 reps

DB Shoulder Press 40's x7, 5; 35x7

Reverse cable flye's 3 drop sets

Machine shoulder press 3 sets

Upright Rows 65x8, 65x8, 70x6, 75x5

DB Shrugs 4 sets with 55 lb dbs, 60's and 65's

Side laterals 2 sets with DB's, 2 sets with Cables


Didn't really feel much of a pump or tightness like I would have liked, but it was a decent workout nonetheless.


Oh yeah at the end I rode the stationary bike super hard for 10 minutes. Gotta cut up those quads to be the champion.


I'll probably work out bi's and tri's my next workout, which might be tomorrow.




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Hey, I've been working out and junk, I even think my arms might be getting a little bigger as of late. A couple days ago I trained quads, I put up 205 on the back squat for 10 solid reps to parallel, and leg pressed about 700 lbs for 6 reps to parallel, amongst other things.


I trained back a day or two ago. I clean and pressed the 22 lb bumper plates (total ~100 lbs), about 4 or 5 times, which was a major achievement for me, since a couple of months ago I nearly fell over trying to get it over my head once and didn't lock it out at all. This is cool because I've been working on bringing my deltoids up lately, one of my lagging parts. The max I clean and pressed was about 110 pounds, and I did it two or three times. I did a bunch of other stuff, mostly middle back and upper back stuff. I rowed 95 lb db's for 8 reps also.


Today I'll train calves, hamstrings, and abs.

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Hey all

Yesterday I trained hammys and calves. I made my return to deadlifts. I repped out with 185, and also pulled 225 for 3 reps.


Today I trained chest and some tri's.

Bench 115x10, 145x 7, 6; 135x6

Incline DB's 50's x 9, 7; 55x 4

Then I did some dips, declines, flye's, and burned out with a machine bench. I hit tri's with pushdowns and extensions. Feeling pretty strong as of late. My arms and delts are catching up to my chest and back. Time to eat!

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Hey guys. I'm getting pretty strong as of late, at least compared to my once weakling self. A year ago I couldn't bench press the bar, today I did 150 pounds for 5 reps


I trained Chest and Back today. It was a very different workout than I normally do (actually I rarely if ever train chest and back together so that itself was different). Instead of doing 3 or 4 sets per exercise, I did 2 working sets, with maximum weight, in the 5-8 rep range. The working sets were very heavy. I decided to do only 2 sets because when I do 3 or 4 sets per exercise I get tired after the 2nd set, and lift significantly less than the 1st two sets. By simply changing the exercise I can lift heavier weights. I also alternated between 2 chest sets and 2 back sets. This let me lift even more weight.


Chest, Back

Barbell Bench Press 115 warmup; 145x7, 150x5

Seated Cable row 125 lbx 12, 140x8

Incline DB press 55x8, 8

Bent over DB row 85x 12, 90x8

Flat DB Press 50x8, 55x5

Pullups 2 sets

Dips 2 sets

Pushups to failure


I would like to have done a couple more sets, but the gym closed. I feel pretty good though. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.


I'll train legs next, hopefully tomorrow. I am working out in an LA Fitness right now because I got a free 2 week pass and it is across the street from my apartment. They have a hack squat machine, which I'm pretty excited about !

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