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The Master Cleanse!

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Thanks for taking over and I am really sorry I can't continue through the cleanse, just before I got the news on the agility testing I was also thinking of going longer, that I would go until my tongue cleared. There will be another chance!


Today I started off with a blend of raw hemp and kale blended with a little water, this is the first food combining I have done (and I don't know if it was acceptable) but it sat fine with me. It is very interesting to only put in what I want out of the smoothie, none of the cacao or fruits or anything else I was really doing for taste. I really never thought I would be at a point where drinking a blender full of kale and hemp seems reasonable!


I then went to the fire training facility and ran through all the exercises, it was fairly strenuous and I might have been pushing it a little only one day off the cleanse, but I feel great! I am finishing up some mango right now, and I am just going to grab a bunch of whatever fruit or veggie I am craving at the co-op for lunch.


I am going to leave this thread to the real deal cleansers and start a new blog about my raw training with diet and exercise.


I look forward to reading about how the rest of the cleanse goes!

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food combining!





it all comes down to how sensitive you are with food combinations..

greens go with anything.

nuts should stay with nuts, but can be combined with dried fruits.

try and keep acid fruits(citrus), sub-acid fruits(apples), and sweet fruits(bananas) seperate..


The cleaner you get, the more sensitive you'll become, and the more you'll mess yourself up if you improperly combine foods!

As Bigbwii said it nicely in the raw section...

Once you go raw, you're no longer incontrol of what you put into

your body. Your body tells you.

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I am going to aim for the 10 days but be open to going a little longer...maybe 14 (like you Courtney!), since I don't ever want to stop feeling this good!! I am hoping to ease into a somewhat macrobiotic (seasonal & regional), raw, unprocessed diet (keep pre-pared and packaged raw foods to a minimum) when this is complete. And to cleanse with each season!



oooh..you could not have descibed my cleansing plans any better!

That's pretty much what I'd like to do as well.. 10 day + fasts for

each season change, and as I think about it... and am listening to my

body, I've really been craving juices lately.

So I think I might end the Master Cleanse in 10-15 days with a juice fast

for about 5 days. Then I really think a living foods fruitarian type

diet will suit me best throughout spring and summer..

basically, minimal seeds(only flax), no fermented foods, mostly..

75%+ fruits

greens, and sprouts.


I think that will suit me very well.

No more dehydrated foods for this girl, my body just can't handle it.

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So. Felt better than ever day 5 but did notice a couple of things. I had one light headed spell in the moring, but I was at work on my feet and hadn't had any lemonade yet, so I whipped up a quick batch and was back on track in no time.


Had a few mild cramp pains too but think, again, it's because I was at work and staying hydrated was an effort.


Was incredibly serene all day, felt like all my senses, espcially sight and smell, are increased a thousand fold, like they have a hyper awareness. While feeling incredibly sensitive, I also feel less sensitive to being affected by the things around me, but in a good way - like I am able to be serene and removed and somehow more peaceful. Foods are smelling wonderful but it's extraordinary that i am not compelled to want to eat -just the sight and smell is somehow satisfying, although I did have one bout of hunger in the late afternoon, but I think that was because I hadn't had lemonade in a while (by then I was really feeling like I'd had as much lemonade as I could take for the day). Drank some more anyway and the hunger passed - I don't think it was really even hunger, more just the desire to taste something savory!!!


At this point, though, I am noticing that my teeth hurt after downing the lemonade, and I think it's from all the maple syrup. I am sure the lemonade is not doing much for my tooth enamel to boot, but I have been drinking most of my lemonade through a straw to combat that. I have been considering, like andesuma mentioned, switching over to a juice fast at some point. Originally I was thinking to segue into one after the initial 10 days and continue on just juices for a while (mostly green juices, but some fresh fruit juices as well), but now I am thinking to start the juice portion sooner.


Thoughts, anyone??

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Also wanted to note that while i don't necessarily feel like doing cartwheels and jumping jacks, I have considerable energy - though it's more of an alert and awakeness.


Speaking of awake - I went to bed at about 1:30am last night and was up before 7:30, unheard of when I am eating "normally!" I wasn't tired or groggy or lethargic at all either, I felt completely well rested and awake right away. On only 6 hours!!

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This sounds very interesting and I am highly considering doing this. my room mate already agreed to doing it with me for at least 5 days, maybe not the whole ten. Can someone please maybe take a second to explain to me what nutrients the body NEEDS each day, and how its possible to get them with this mix. I have been doing a lot of research on this cleanse for the last hour and i havent read about anyone dying, haha, which is good, but i just cant comprehend how your body doesnt get sick or break down. maybe the body needs less than i actually thought. If i have never done ANY sort of cleanse before, is there maybe a more mild one i should start with?

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Hi! I just came across this forum when researching body builders (or people who just love the gym) and the lemonade cleanse. I am going to begin the cleanse next week and wanted to see if I should work out while on the cleanse...looks like I'll just stick to my running for the 10 days! I have several friends who have done it and they feel amazing! I am very excited to do it. My girlfriend will be doing it with me, as I've heard it is much easier to have someone do it with you! Then, I noticed you wanted to go Raw after the cleanse...DO IT!!!! It's amazing!


I went 95% Raw for eight months with my boyfriend. I highly suggest this lifestyle. We are very fit individuals and going raw was the best thing we could have done for ourselves. Initially, we both lost a few pounds of unhealthy weight (especially Shane b/c he was taking some unnatural supplements like creatine and stuff) but we both increased in strength and ran on 3 to 4 hours a sleep at night.

For eight months, we got up around 4, 4:30 a.m., got to the gym around 5:30/6, worked out hard for an hour and a half (including some cardio), went home and worked on our mortgage business until about 10/11 at night, read for a bit, meditated for 20 minutes and asleep between 12 & 1 a.m. Yes, we did this for eight months...95% Raw...truly high on life!...increased strength and FULL OF ENERGY on three to four hours of sleep a night!!!!


Right now, I'm only about 75% raw. I finally found an organic market close to home, so picking up the items I need is much more convenient...with my schedule and financial issues, it's been difficult to keep certain items stocked at home, so I've let some things slip...but I found Nature's Harvest to be an awesome organic market with a large variety of healthy goodness! I'm very excited to get back to 95% raw.

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