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2 hours of colon hydrotherapy..


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If you would like my opinion, I have done one colonic and I have done two 10-day master cleanses and I prefer the master cleanse to the colonic. I was expecting to walk out of the colonic feeling great and I felt really drained and messy. I also don't care for the whole tube in the butt thing. After finishing the master cleanse I felt really great. The first two or three days are tough and lots of stuff definitely comes out with the salt water flush. It amazes me that on day 10 how much caked on stuff is still in the body! The salt water flush can be dificult and you need to dedicate a couple of hours in the morning to staying close to a toilet but in the end the results are great. I would like to try a longer master cleanse in the future.




I totally understand, I have had poor colonic experiences (unfortunately it

was my first), and very good ones as well!

I have a positive relationship with my colon hydrotherapist, and she

does reiki/energy transfer/massage on me while giving me the colonic.

It is the gravity centered method, which is very relaxing and mellow,

compared to the plastic tube(if that is what you've experienced)..

They are like night and day experiences.

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I didn't really mean all during the same period, that wouldn't be good. I'm just saying that they cleanse in different ways, saltwater flushes especially...I know enemas can mess with your bowel movements if you do them habitually, not sure about saltwater flushes? Not too sure, never done one. That would be cool to know.


Saltwater flushes don't mess with bowel movements, I've done them everyday for a week and a half and didn't notice any difference.

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There is a great chapter on colonics in Natalia Rose's book The Raw Food Detox Diet. It is actually an interview with an established colon doctor. I didn't know anything about colonics and the info really helped break it down and to understand the process.


I agree with other postings here...listen to your body and be informed about what you're doing. I haven't ventured into the world of flushes, enemas, or colonics, but I plan to. I've read that it is suggested to have a fairly clean diet for a while before a colonic and I'm still working on that.


Andesuma...why is it that most people don't do the 2-hours? Is it because they can't sit - or lay - still that long? The reiki massage to accompany it sounds very helpful. I'll have to look for that when I go colonhydrotherapy shopping. LOL

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