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gained some mass?


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so its has been 4 months since I last measured my arms around the bicept when I flex them, and I have gained about a quater of an inch on each arm.


I'm wondering if this is good for this amount of time, or if I should be gaining more?

I'd assume if my arms got a bit bigger, than the rest of my body did as well to some degree..


also for kicks, I calculated the area increase for my arms


10" (circumference) / 3.14 (pi) = 3.18" (diameter)

3.14 (pi) x 1.59 (radius) x 1.59 (radius) = 7.93"squared (area)


10.25" (circumference) / 3.14 (pi) = 3.26" (diameter)

3.14 (pi) x 1.63 (radius) x 1.63 (radius) = 8.34"squared (area)


total area increase per arm = 0.41" squared


so, not much..

but still something I guess.

I don't know whether it is from muscle either,but my bicepts seem stronger.

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on a side note, I had a dream this morning where I had a a lot of muscle and I was talking to some guy who wanted to gain muscle and was asking me for tips and I told him about veganbodybuilding.com , but I explained to him that its a vegan site and that hes not vegan but he can still visit it if hes interested. And I was posing and flexing my muscles.

So yeah.. I thought it was interesting that I was telling someone about this site in my dream.

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A gain is a gain, and using a tape measure is a great way to determine if you have made progress.


It sounds like you and I are pretty different body wise, I'm 6'3 and 235lbs for a start, but when I'm trying to gain mass I tend to eat heaps and lift heavy.


Last time I was in bulking mode I did a HST rountine for 6 weeks, concentraiting on the compound movements and eating at least 6 times a day.


I gained 1 inch on my chest and 1/2 on my arms, lost bodyfat and put on 13lbs of muscle


I guess another thing to remember is that most of your muscle growth is done whilst you are resting or sleeping, so lifting weights is only half the story...

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Sleep and muscle growth is a topic that a lot of people can't agree on, from what I have seen.

Personally, I find that when I am lifting heavy and trying to put on bulk I need more sleep... it could be the workouts or the time of year or a whole bunch of things I guess, but this is what I have found...

So to answer your question, it might be due growing, or it could just be that you are tired or the time of year...

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I probably get enough sleep as I don't use an alarm clock nor do I need to be up at any specific time. I've been getting around 9 hours of sleep everyday.

One thing I want to do is move my sleep schedule back a bit, but that's not possible do to my work which requires me to be up late, but that'll be changing.

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