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Andesuma's Cleansing blog: 02.23.07

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Hi all!



I am starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow.

I purchased all of my supplies today, although I haven't gotten

anything for the salt flushes yet...

I'll need some more guidance from Miss Lillykoi

before I attempt those.



I should be able to make some of the lemonade thru out

the day at work, so that will be nice.

I also purchased a container that would be great for portability.





My intentions with this:



* Clear digestive tract debris, and clean my system out as much as


* Correct digestive acidity, basically wait until my body says...

"Ok. I'm done cleaning up old junk now, bring me food.."


* Help eliminate "emotional waste".

* To help speed up the healing process for the bone bruising I

received from cycling, and various other bruises.


To allow my body to focus on healing in general.

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Way to wait up for all of us!


Just kidding....



I'd post a better reply, but somehow I don't think you'll have much trouble getting through this...


Are you going to use agave nectar instead?


I think if I start a fast on monday, it will likely be water only..



I look forward to reading into this, your posts are always descriptive...

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Salt Water Flushes are easy to do. All you need is uniodized sea salt, and put 1 heaping teaspoon to 1 quart of warm water. You won't be eating, so you'll probably be ready to do them the morning after tomorrow, and just stretch after you drink the water, it feels good to do that.

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Thanks everyone!


I'll be trying the salt flushes tomorrow morning, but will mix one

batch up tonight before bed so it will be cold.




Last night was not a good one, I ended up throwing up two apples

I had eaten earlier... after a lot of stomach pains.

I did not improperly combine my foods, I hardly ate anything yesterday.


My body really needs this.. because obviously it doesn't want any food!



Anyhow, I slept really well, despite waking up several times &

experiencing a dull frontal lobe headache..

I feel rested. (considering I was up at 3:30am)


I am drinking Yogi's "Get Regular" laxative tea right now,

and squeezed about 3(big) lemons into 30 oz. of filtered water this morning. Don't know if that's a good amount?

It smelled good, and if it's extra lemony that is fine too.




Ok. I am going to get ready for work now...

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I hope you have a great cleansing


On your second intention (* Correct digestive acidity, basically wait until my body says... "Ok. I'm done cleaning up old junk now, bring me food.."):

Kristy did a cleanse last year that lasted a couple weeks and she said it worked great - felt great after, lost about 5 lbs (not her intention). She did another after the recent holidays and it only lasted about 3 days before her body was screaming for regular food. I honestly didn't think she needed to do the post-holiday one - we ate a lot over the holidays, but it was mostly healthy...and I think her body agreed with me.


Anyway, have fun (you know, as much fun as you can have doing one of these)

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Im very interested in any sort of cleansing since i have never done one before. Can someone post a link to more information. I try (have) to eat like 4 small meals a day, so i dont know if i have the will power to do a major fast, but i would love to learn more about any cleansing. even lung cleansing. any more info, links, or more specific directions would be much appreciated.

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Thanks Finbarrio!

I've done a number of cleanses in the past, including a long water fast,

so hopefully this won't be too difficult.

All of those were done when my lifestyle was less demanding, so..

we'll see how long I last..




Today has gone well, had some food cravings & mild detox symptoms.

Mostly really wanting some fresh pressed apple juice and lemon!

That is the most delicious juice ever...


Also, one of my co-workers was eating oatmeal this morning.

OATMEAL! I completely forgot about that stuff...

I miss it.

I use to love love love oatmeal and strawberries as a child.

oatmeal, brown sugar, and strawberries... yummy!




detox I had today was small headaches off and on, hiccups! , and

tingling sensations all over my body.

I feel hypersensitive to my surroundings right now, like negative

energy really gets to me.



I drank about 45-ish oz. of the lemonade today, and water.

I am going to try that Chocolate smooth move tea tonight before bed.


Everything sounds so good right now!

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Wow. Cereal is something I miss all the time. I love to make fresh almond milk and pour it on sprouted granola, but the granola I have access to right now is mostly buckwheat, which I find not digestive-friendly, and, frankly, it is not good food combining to mix the buckwheat (grain) with the nut/milk, so it never goes down well.


I may try making some dehydrated almond granola to have with the almond milk, although that will be very heavy and I want to go easy on the nuts!!!


Saw your posts, andesuma, in the raw forum on oatmeal, can't wait to try experimenting with oatmeal ideas after this cleanse!! I make a mean raw oatmeal coconut raisin cookie, but they're dehydrated and I agree with you that dehydrated stuff tends to be just too taxing on the body, at least for me...

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Day 2:



I had two cups of the laxi tea last night... not good,

felt super heated, and shakey.

The "Get Regular" tea doesn't do that to me like the Chocolate one does.



Anyhow, was going to take a bath,

but got super sleepy so..

just went to bed.

Woke up at 6am feeling good, but felt like I should just sleep more,

so, woke up again at 9am.



Noticed a film on my tongue.

Yeah for detox!




Also, the swelling and everything in my left ankle, and bruising

that I was talking about, is almost all gone!!



Hopefully the acupuncture appt. I scheduled for Tuesday will help

with my digestive system more..



I still feel very "full"..

But I still want some HOT oatmeal and strawberries w/ brown sugar. hah

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Wow experiencing a lot of strange detoxing:


Having hot and cold flashes.


Light-headed feelings/spacey ness

Emotional irritability





As much as I'd like to attribute some of this to detox,

I also feel some of it is the maple syrup messing with me.

So, I am going to do the rest of my lemonade for the next two days,

with Agave Nectar.

Hopefully I notice a difference.



I could barely function earlier.



I went to People's CO-OP and bought some lemons, sea salt, etc.

The produce looked AMAZING! I didn't want any, except maybe an orange, but.. wow, I absolutely love admiring happy produce!

Also, the cashier girlie is starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow!

yeah! for cleansing season, and getting back to the basics.




I took an hour nap, and now feel revitalized and renewed.

Much better.

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DAY 3:



Well..I feel good today..

did a sea salt water flush.


wow. don't like that.

Would take a colonic or two over that again, any day!


Needless to say, not awhole lot came out of me..

but good to experience none the less.





I am really feeling like I want to eat some fruit.


So, I think I might end this cleanse soon..

Mostly because I'd like to run on something other than sugar & lemons.


I can feel my body wanting nutrients badly.


I am having mild cravings for oranges and apples, but I'll wait

and see how I feel tomorrow.

Getting sick of the lemonade though..


So, maybe I'll just do mono meals with fruits for awhile, and focus on

lots of juice intake.



I am also very VERY anxious to get back to the gym.. not training is

driving me crazy.

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