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Vegetarians are Evil


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They found out that Hitler was a fake vegetarian anyway, and allowed some meat in his diet.


I find it amazing that they say aggression goes up on a diet of fruits & vegetables, especially since there haven't been any vegetarians/vegans involved in the events 9/11, Afghanistan, or Iraq.

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I bet there are a few vegetarians in the military.


I did read an article years ago out of the annals of improbable science. They did some research on oxidation stress caused by diet. It was in the context of nazi germany on a heavy diet of beer and sourkraut. These foods produce a lot of anti oxidants and stress the body causing tempers to rise and such. They basically concluded that such foods help make the nazis angry/hateful. In a similar vein my psychopharmacology professor said that if we fed prisoners better quality food then there would not be so much violence in the prisons and perhaps if everyone ate better there'd be less violence.

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He pointed out that I'm on their site





Seeing that other guy just makes me think steroids.


That is a photo of Alexander Federov, a guy some thought would win the Olympia a year or two ago.


So they picked one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world at age 28, a huge steroid user and put him up against a natural bodybuilder at age 21.


They could have picked much worse photos (better photo of a huge bodybuilder like Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman and a worse photo of me).


I end up all over the place and don't even know about it. It is kind of fun being picked on though. It's also good for me since I had many positive years in the spotlight. I need a good put down every now and then

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that's one of the reasons why we have to work harder.. to make a point.




wow.. they were also talking about a study that said that in average, those with lower IQ would become vegan in the future.. while vegetarians would have a IQ a little higher than meateaters..

i wonder if that's true.., cuz, it's not what it looks like..




Robert, they could have used that picture from the time that you were in HS..

Against J.Cutler.

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Or perhaps they could put up a picture of one of the vegetarian greats like Bill Pearl?




Or Roy Hilligenn who is vegetarian since birth?




And Roy isn't looking bad at 77 years old either?



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i wonder what kind of shape the person who wrote all that up is in? i mean surely an overweight or thin but non athletic omnivor wouldnt dis a bigtime body builder's vegan diet... right? he must be huge.


the fact that robert(and many others) is the size he is and so fit disproves alot of myths. not just a bunch of pro-vegan literature with science backing it, he's walking proof.


i'm a thin guy, not athletic at all, but i don't beleive my diet has much to do with it. i've been within a couple pounds of the same weight since i went veg compared to when i was an omnivore. i guess it's one of those things where it doesnt matter if i'm eating greasey big mac's or tofurkey sanwiches. i'm thin...

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That was a rediculous web page...could you imagine them doing that with fat people too...they could have a page showing people trying to get fat on vegan and non-vegan food and compare the two of them...lets say the fattest vegan from birth compared to one of those 1000 lard asses you see on the news

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I like this part....it says vegans wear non leather shoes that don't breath so they have stinky feet...from what I know leather isn't exactly breathable




Look at the bottom right...it says males brought up on soy may never become interested in girls. So if you want gay boys...feed them soy

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Robert, you should look into copyrighting the photos on vbb.com .

Prevent your photos from winding up in stupid shit like that.


Good tip. I'm on even stranger sites too. Some people inform me of places I appear on where I'm featured to apparently be endorsing a certain product or something like that. I'll try to put an end to it soon. I'll also be re-doing some websites inlcuding www.veganbodybuilding.com when I have the time and money and a lot of photos will be gone. It will be clean and organized.


Thanks for the tip though. I'll look into that.

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