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Hello from Denver


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Hi, my name is Peter and I've been reading a lot of posts and figured since I'm so interested in what all of you discuss that I ought to join. I grew up on a farm in Wis. with lots of cheese loving meat eaters. I've been vegetarian for nearly 5 years now and spent 2 months eating almost all raw and felt so great that I want to start really eating like that all the time. But this time I want to do it more gradually and really do it right. My aim is to become completely raw vegan within the next couple months. I also joined a gym a couple months ago and have been working out 2-3 times a week. The last time I ate raw I lost a lot of fat as well as some muscle. A lot of people said I was too skinny. So, I'd like to gain some muscle back and become really healthy.

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Welcome Peter!


Thanks for joining our group! We have a lot of raw vegan athletes here so you are in good company!


We also have a number of members in your state, and perhaps even in Denver too.


All the best with your goals and I'm sure you'll make all kinds of new friends here, learn some info and share info with us.


Welcome aboard!

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