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Anyone do self defense? Lets all help each other?

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I think it is important to note that Oregon has some of the MOST lax gun laws in the country and yet compared to cities like LA the gun crime is quite low. Its also important to mention that CA where I used to live has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. It has done nothing to stifle the violence there whatsoever.

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Yeah, that kinda goes with what I was saying...Texas has probably the most lax gun laws, I'm not sure tho...Amarillo also has one of the highest death by cop rates...they all wish they were John Wayne...I think we had 8 shootings by cops in a city of less than 200,000...where as Cincinatti, a city of like 750,000 only had 2 in a two year period and that was quite controversial...it's the mentality of the people that wield the guns that matters most, they are only tools. Some people need not have those tools, tho there is no doubt they will find other tools to do the job. I don't want folks to think I hate guns, my buddy just got an AR-4 by Panther...gas powered(?) fires 308 bullets...I don't know what all that means, thats what he tells me...I got to hold/see it just an hour or two ago, he tells me it's a $1500-$1800 rifle, but he gets them pretty cheap cuz his bro is a dealer...he's been hounding me to go out shooting with him, I probably will this weekend...so I'm not against guns...I just think too many jackasses get their hands on them...stray punches usually don't kill folks, but stray bullets do!!!

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VIVA EL GUAPO! yeah he's cool.


el guapo recently made a comeback. i don't know if any of you heard of this, but he had a fight in a new federation called WFA (world fighting alliance). originally he was supposed to fight Kimo. but Kimo test positive for steroids and was banned from participating at the last minute. in his place, ruben "warpath" villarreal, who is 3 inches taller and 70 lbs(!) heavier than el guapo. but of course, bas walked right thru him. stoppage due to leg kicks in the first round. i got to hand it to warpath though. not very many people would take a fight on 2 days notice. how can you be expected to fight el guapo with only 2 days to prepare?

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