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what gym do you go to?

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I go to Bally’s.

Pros: it’s close to my house, there are several locations in my area… each one is a little different, and most major cities have one so when I travel I can still workout.


Cons: It can be crowded, the girl teaching the yoga class sucks, and I don’t know how often the equipment is cleaned through out the day.

Also I have never used their personal trainers but I see them buzzing about all the time. A lot of times I see them stick their clients on the treadmills then go talk to their buddies at the front desk. I know if I was paying that much an hour I would want them right beside me at all times!!!


What are good/bad things about your gym?

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Oh cool, you're in Portland


I go to Downing's Gym in Corvallis. It was called Gold's Gym for a few years but back to the Original name Downing's Gym now.



-Some of the best bodybuilders in the Western United States train there.

-I'm friends with most of the people that train there.

-I can train at 10AM, or 5PM, or 8PM, and I'll know a group of friends for all 3 times.

-It is about 10 minutes from my apartment and is the center point between the house I grew up in (where my mom lives) and my apartment. So after training I can go "home" if I want.

-It is a bodybuilding/fitness gym, not a "health club" so mostly serious lifters there.



-No steam room, sauna or hot tub.

-Not too many vegan supplements for sale there (mostly whey protein)


It is a great place to train, and lots of nice people go there.


I used to work for 24-Hour Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. That was a big club, with celebrities, pro athletes, and all that stuff.


I've trained in a lot of gyms in places I've lived (Oregon, Utah, Arizona, England, and multiple cruise ships) and I'm content with my gym now.


But I will probably be moving to Portland sometime in late 2006, or 2007 and then I'll be training up there too.



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i train at home where i have a squat cage, bench, additional squat stands, 300kg (660lb) of olympic weights, 2 olympic bars and i just got a thick bar too. i have some grip toys and also a set of olympic dumbells.




*now that i have bought everything it is free to use.


*kathryn, my partner, also trains so it saves lots of money in gym membership.


*i have everything i need, and my gym is never closed.


*i never have to wait for other people to finish on equipment, or have to wipe off other peoples sweat!


*i have two regular training partners who i train with at least twice a week, and kathryn as well (who is an excellent and very strong spotter!)


*i can use the equipment to host veganfitness powerlifting events for free! hehe!


*i dont have to travel anywhere to train, saves loads of money and time.





*i suppose that i dont have the imput from other people on my training techniques, but i trust oak and brian (my training partners) to point out anything that is wrong.


*i honest cant think of anything else - its great to train at home!




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I am a Bally's member too, when I am at home anyway. I always work out at the Aloha club. I love it there, it's like a second home! I know almost everyone who works there and lots that work out there so it's like visiting friends when I go in. I had a trainer there for most of last year, and it was awesome. We were great friends, so sometimes we'd work out together aside from our training sessions, which was nice and free And I put on a lot of muscle when I had her motivating me. She moved to Illinois though, and I moved here, so I don't see her now

Anyways, at least at my club, there is lots of equipment, and not too crowded as long as you don't go at 5pm or 5am.

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Lifetime Fitness



Lots and lots of equipment

Open 24hrs

Lap pool is also open 24hrs

Family-oriented (I didn't like the "singles mixer" atmosphere at some of the other gyms I've been to.)

Not far from my house



The place is huge, I'm surprised I haven't gotten lost yet.


My favorite gym ever was the one I went to when I lived in Vermont. It just had a few basic machines, a bunch of free weights, and a couple of really good aerobics instructors. It was small, so most everyone knew each other. If I didn't show up for a few days, people would start calling me. I miss that place.

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School Recreation center



Cheap for the semester (75 bucks)

Tons of equipment

New equipment

Big place



close to where I live

nice staff

havn't met a jerky gym user yet, everyone i come into contact with has been nice



Pop music on the loudspeaker

Most of the time its crowded

Sometimes getting access to equipment means waiting

Possibly have to see my enemy

not open 24 hrs a day

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-The cheapest gym here (still expensive! 42€/month ~ 53$)

-It has weights in it

-It's the only gym around where i can do dips, squats and pull ups

-It's never crowded (at the free weights )




-Crap opening hours

-No athletes there

-No coach for working on posing

-Too far to go there by bike


Have seen better gyms *cough*, but also worse.

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I can walk there from work as it's literally across the street.

Spotlessly clean. Showers are great, towel service is great, staff is friendly

Good free weight section, enough benches to go around.

Equipment is fairly new, not too beat up.

Company pays for it!!!



Well to do neighborhood so the people are a little snotty.

WAY to many kids over the summer months throwing weights around and not reracking.

Way to expensive if you haven't got a corporate deal.

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gold's gym in west springfield, massachusetts


open 24 hours except on weekends. one huge room with all the free weights and machines you can think of to train on. tons of treadmills and elipitcal (sp?) machines. plus lots of pretty ladies. most of the guys if not all are pretty huge too. i'm not a big guy at all but i enjoy going there and it's cheap ($20/month)

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Athletic center at the University of Baltimore, which is open for public memberships at $25/mo.



- cheap

- is 2 blocks from my apt

- has a squat rack and most of the basic stuff I need

- has classes and seminars at no additional cost--I'm going to one on cleaning later this month



- kind of small and not lots of equipment (e.g., just 2 power racks which are used for squats and benching), so with even just a few people in there, you have to wait. Luckily, I've never seen it with more than just a few people. Sometimes if I get there early enough, I can be the only one there.

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I used to go to a gym, but I train at home now.


Pros - I can work out with my son at home (he likes to hang on to the pullup bar, do calf raises, do rows on my door gym, and he does somersaults while I do pushups)


Cons - I had a lot more equipment when I went to the gym

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I train anywhere I can make it to!


Main Gym - Westwood, a huge fitness/injury rehab facility owned by the local hospital. Decent equipment, close to home, nearly empty after 8 PM - all the things I like best!


Secondary training areas -


Power Station - good hardcore gym, but too far away to go to often. Very small, but nothing other than the essential equipment.


My basement/backyard - basement has dozens of grip-related toys in it, backyard has a 260 lb. round concrete stone, steel log, barbell and about 500 lbs. of plates that I can drag out from the garage.


My friend's palce - has a squat stand setup, bench, and 2" thick bar, plus natural stones everywhere for lifting.


Local area places where people meet to do strongman training - a few guys within 30 minutes of here have quality equipment for event training, so occasionally on Saturdays I make it out now to do some training on stones, the steel log, yoke walking or whatever else they're focusing on for the day.


I say, lift anywhere you can do it!

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I train in my basement, where I have 3 Olympic bars that are between 45 - 55 lbs each, about 900 pounds of weights, and I can do dips and incline pushups on a thing my father got me (Anyone familiar with "The Rack"?).


I can train at the college gym too, which is free, but a lot of people use it, terrible music, none of my friends want to lift, as they always have to do schoolwork, etc. etc.

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I train....at work!

There's a gym which all employees can use for £5 a month! I was previously paying £49 a month which is also considered cheap in London.



open 24 hours

usually quiet

no travel involved



bit small

no dip

no steam room/sauna



It's small but there's pretty much everything I need; I've only just started using it and now hoping to train more often. There's also a physiotherapist should one need it.

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For a while I've been trianing at my school's gym over at CSU, but they only open certain hours of the day, my schedule has been getting a bit chaotic so I can no longer use theirs. I'm trying to see about a membership at 24 hours fitness, that way I can go there whenever I'm done with school or work. If anyone knows of any other 24 gyms in the Los Angeles area let me know.

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i go to a pretty small ghetto gym, but years of racking passcards to exspensive hotels has given me the freedom to choice any place i want to go to downtown and go use their gym/saunas etc .

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