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Happy Birthday Brendan Brazier!


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I'll be away from the computer nearly all day and wanted to publicly wish Brendan Brazier a Happy Birthday today!


Although he's on the forum, he doesn't check much. He works 16 hours a day and he has 8 presentations to give over the next 6 days and then I'll see him in L.A. where he'll have many more meetings, talks and business stuff before his book tour and trip to the UK.


He and I are becoming pretty good friends these days, which is really fun.


Sometimes I point him to the forum or show him things on here so maybe he'll see this. If we get some wishes his way, I'll show him in L.A. next week.


Happy Birthday Brendan!

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He arrived home safely, driving from 9PM-2:30AM Portland to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Now he's extremely busy working until we head to L.A. in a week.


That week in L.A. may be the most relaxing time even though we're at the largest natural product expo in the country with 40,000 others including VeganEssentials from this forum, Tonya Kay, organicathlete, and others.


I'll pass on the birthday wishes. He really does like our site and how our community is growing. He, much like my roommate davidtarrfoster, just doesn't post very often. But I show Brendan pages on here all the time.


Thanks for the B-day wishes for him

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My sister (vegan, runner, cop, mom of 2) called me yesterday to tell me about this wonderful protein shake powder she bought and was raving all about the triathlete who started the company and all. I had a chuckle - talk about preaching to the converted.


Happy birthday Brendan!

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