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RIP little long-eared girl (28/2/07)


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Yesterday I had to let my little girl go 'cause of a tumor behind the left eye. Wednesday a week ago I've got the diagnosis and I had to decide to operate her or deliver her from the pain.

Even though the eye was so sanious and thick that she can't close it anymore (I had to keep the eye wet all the time), her less weight, her age (8 years) and the very bad prognosis, I chose the surgery.

The doc tried to look behind the eye. But she didn't found any healthy tissue anymore. No chance for my little. She died by euthanasia with her head on my hand.


I always wonder if her sister Kiki knows, that Schlapsi will never come back. Every time I enter the room she sits in the bawn and looks at me so expectant. She's alone now. There's no action anymore. Kiki is just sitting there. Sitting, eating, sitting. No chivvy, no playing, no fight for the blade of hay, no cuddle.... I have to try to find a new home for her now.


It's so sad...







In former days:









(with Mo in the middle, died in June, and her sister Kiki -on the left-)

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Hey Flare,


So sorry for your loss. Looks like you were an exceptional mama and your bunnies have had a wonderful life. Hang in there and reflect on all the great memories when sadness hits.




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I'm so sorry to hear about your bun. I had bunnies about 4 years ago who both passed away within a month of eachother. They were sisters who I adopted from the Humane Society: Liza and Louise. Bunnies really bond with eachother. I also had a bunny before that, Francis. They are great pets!

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