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Happy Birthday Rob:


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Thanks guys.


Yeah, 27 in a few hours. Brendan's birthday just 24 hours before mine, so good times.


The President of Northwest Veg took me out for dinner tonight following our 3-hour VegFest Planning meeting, so that was cool. I'm busy most of the day tomorrow with work projects so I won't really be "doing anything" for my birthday. I'm not really into celebrations of any kind really (except my Vegan Holiday Festival in the fall).


I hope to sleep in. I've been staying up way too late for the past week so more than anything, I just want to rest and catch up on sleep.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, I appreciate it.

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Thanks everyone.


I don't have anything planned, in fact it might be a pretty stressful and hectic day but if I come across some vegan treats, I'll think of all of you.


I did get a cupcake from Chef Al Chase (www.chefal.org) tonight after our VegFest meeting, so that was nice and yummy.

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Thanks again everyone.


I woke up at 11:30AM and haven't done much other than work, a quick phone interview for a friend's school project and haven't even had anything to eat! I spoke with my brother and dad who called to wish happy birthday, and I'll talk with the rest of my immediate family later on today I'm sure.


Time to go out and get some food soon! I'm hungry!

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