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Happy Birthday Richard!


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It's Richard's birthday!


Richard is my main man! I don't know how many threads I've written about this guy and how much he's helped me with all kinds of stuff from my DVD to websites to posters to flyers to helping me be less stressed to you name it. He is the man.


Happy Birthday Richard! Have a great day and an awesome birthday weekend! Thanks for all you've done for me.


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Thanks everyone. I don't make a big deal out of my birthday, but I appreciate everyone's interest. I got some more silly putty, and an ABDOMINUS which is one of those things which you lay in for support whilst doing ab crunches, to support your neck, and control a steady movement. I love it.


Happy birthday Richard.


Wow, Brendan one day, Rob the next, Richard the next...anybody's birthday tomorrow?


Yeah I thought that was a big coincidence. In alphabetical order as well; Brazier, Cheeke, Watts. I don't know how old the Bren-Meister is, but it might be reverse age order, if he is 28, rob 27, I am 25. I like being 25 so far, I feel like 25 is a more convincing age to tell people than 24. Being 25, I think commands more respect from ageist people, and as most people are extremely ageist, I think it's a good levelling up.

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