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Look out roid_rage - Gorilla's eating training sleeping


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Hey guys,

Watch this space, because I'm looking to be as big as roid_rage in 8 weeks' time!


This semester has been busy, but I've still managed to gain a couple of pounds:











Arms and shoulders are lagging behind but I have an awesome training schedule for the next 8 weeks, and I've got the diet pretty much nailed.


I'm in the final week of semester now, and after that I will be completely free to eat ... train ... and sleep ... uninterrupted ... for six whole weeks!


My gains have been pretty pleasing even during the semester, when I've had tons of work to do. Now that the workload is going to drop to just personal revision, I can feel my gains are going to go through the roof.


I feel really strong, and watching the Arnold Classic live on Bodybuilding.com has really pumped me up!


Thanks for all your support - wait till you see this progress coming up

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WOW-Noice Gorilla!!Very dood job.


VERY Nice upper body all in all...nice sync amd proportion IMO.Awesome!!I'd call those pecs pretty shredded!!

But better quality pics would do better justice though....


I like the cut of your jib son.haha


Hit it HARD!!....Dorian

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Awesome photos!


You should get some really good, clear ones and we can put them all over the internet. A new face (and body) of Vegan Bodybuilding!


Great work so far, while going to school too. I know it's not easy to do.


I missed the Arnold Classic Live showing but I've been looking at photos. I always get pumped when I watch those events too.


Thanks for the update and we'd love to see more pics and read more about your eating, training and sleeping!

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Actually..........I just saw your post about bodybuilding.com and logged on just in time to see the top 6 annouced!


Thanks for reminding me!


Wow, what great results from the Arnold!


Gorilla.....keep it up man. I'd love to see some high quality photos of you for the main website and for exposure all over the internet world.

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Ok, now it is boring to say the same thing like the rest of the people, but you are really huge. You are breaking the myth of a skinny vegan.

The shoulders, the abs, the chest and the heands are looking big and pretty cut. Whatever you do, it is doing good.

I would also like to encourage you to take some new better pics so Robert can put you on a website.

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Thanks everyone!


I've just been limited to webcam photos so far, but I promise I will get some high res digital ones done - especially after the next eight weeks of training!


My current one rep max stats are as follows:


Squat: 115 kg

Deadlift: 90 kg

Bench: 75kg

BB row: 60kg

Overhead press: 50kg

Bicep curl: 40kg


These are going to go up and up in the next few weeks, now that I'm going to have time to eat enough calories every day consistently. I'm looking to add 5% every 1-2 weeks.


Thanks again for your support - I honestly couldn't have got this far without you guys

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Thanks so much mannherz.


Now guys, I just received a private message asking me if I'm juicin. The answer is no: I've never taken steroids, and don't intend to either! This is natural, hard-earned size! No short-cuts - just gradual progress

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Thanks andgbr - thanks everyone.


A little bit more about my lifestyle, including the habits which I feel have helped me in my physical progress:


I'm a student so I have a flexible timetable. This semester, I've just had a handful of classes, all in the afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


I know: very lucky! Every morning free, and Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays free all day.


You're probably starting to see why I didn't need steroids to make the progress I've made so far!


So I've been training three days a week: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


I've been sleeping for 8-10 hours a night: I don't have an alarm clock, I just get up when I've had enough sleep.


I always have a plate/bowl/glass of something to eat/drink on my desk. I eat as I read and reply to e-mails/forums posts, and whilst typing up uni work, or watching bodybuilding videos and surfing the web.


And when I have done the work, and I've had enough to eat, I lie down on my bed, have a little cat nap, or just listen to music (I sometimes fall asleep listening to Rage )


That's about it. It's a very nice life.


Let me know if I can help with anything. The biggest challenge is working your lifestyle to maximise on eating, training and sleeping. If you're spending most of your time on these three things, you're going to see great gains


I guess the other thing that takes up time in my day is shopping for the food and drink: if you had someone to do your shopping for you, that would obviously save on calories ; ) I live basically in the centre of town so it's not too much of a chore, but basically I try to do most of my shopping on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that on training days I literally eat, train and sleep - no calories wasted on walking into town

And my gym is in my college, about 3 minutes' walk from my room!

And I have dumbbells in my room as well.


Okay I think that's really it now


Oh yes, WATER, WATER - two 2L bottles a day. Once I started drinking 4L per day, my abs were revealed. It was like magic ... So drink more water than you think you need. My number 1 tip!

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You rock Gorilla!


We really need to talk about your physique representing the Vegan Bodybuilding lifestyle all over the internet. I know I've been busy and you've been busy, but we'll talk soon!


Great stuff. Thanks for sharing the info too. It's about interview time!

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Hey Rob - definitely up for that. The first job is for me to get some quality photos done. I'll let you know once I've got some good ones. As I say after this vacation, you're going to see some size on those arms and shoulders. I'll get some full body ones done, so you can see legs as well.


Hey Zack - well, I'm really pleased so far. I changed the first pic on there, actually, because it was a bit of a scary mugshot: I still want to be pretty The first one now is the one after I'd been eating a lot of pasta (when I was staying with a French couple in Paris last summer - I told them I didn't eat meat so they gave me like a ton of pasta with spinach and olive oil every day!). I would say don't worry about mixing carbs and fats too much - you need the EFAs in the good sources of fat for testosterone production!


Check out my Bodyspace:




There are some really nice girls on there, with sexy physiques!


I only discovered it recently: it's great for motivation!

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I'm very impressed with how you look with only 3 days of working out...I couldn't have even taken 1 day off a week when I was training for size and strength

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Hey guys,



Well, less is more in my experience. Of course there's a fine line between undertraining and overtraining. In fact, those three days are my gym days: big, heavy days.


I train with dumbbells in my room every day, and I do 1-2 hours' yoga/pilates in my room every day for flexibility and core strength. I find that the more flexible I am, the more comfortably I can lift. I find that hamstring stretching is especially important in order to get the full range of motion on the squat.


As for diet, just eat your favourite foods until you meet your calorific requirements, then eat a bit more (i.e make sure you're taking in a slight excess of calories). It's as simple as that

(I know you know Richard - good idea to confirm for the newbies wanting to bulk up that it's possible to take in enough food!)


roid_rage's post gives a good idea of big eating, big lifitng:


My typical diet is based on up to 500 g oatflakes a day, 300 g potatos, some fruits, 2 times green salad, 400 g tofu, peanut butter, soy milk, rice cakes and about 150 g of soy protein powder. I usually eat this divided in about 6 - 8 meals. I dont have a special pre workout meal. Directly after the workout i take 100 g of dextrose, creatin and 30 g protein. So, high carb, high protein, moderate amount of fat.

The only supplements is use are protein powder, creatin, zinc, multivitamin and flaxseed oil. I realized that i had to get away from thinking eating much will make me fat. The main idea of my diet is now to never feel hungry.

Just like you, i workout in the evening! the intensity is high, i use all kinds of HIT instruments, like drop sets or RPs. No pain no gain

The weight is usually high enough to do 6-8 repetitions.

My workout takes like yours about 1 hour. i also try to reach a high intensity by doing the repetitions slow and controlled. I only start stupid pulling / pushing when I´m not able to do a clean repetition.

I had good results with the doggcrapp program.

Usually i never warm up or down... i only do warm up sets, but no cardio sets. I also stopped doing cardio for about half a year... But i should start again, i gained some fat and i felt my heart had to work out when i gained the 10 kg within 3 months.

One change i made was also to workout only every second day, not 6 times a week anymore

I personally would stay away from a fruitarian diet.

I dont have the problem being a hardgainer, but my workout partner hardly gains weight. He is injecting now b12 to get more hunger and it works great.

But looking back the most effective step was to eat eat eat.

And my gym is really cool! Its a small real bodybuilding gym. Perhaps someone here knows www.dennis-wolf.de , he s also there.

So i think, our programs are have much in common with!

Congratulations for your gaining of muscles!

I hope i could help anyone here

Greets Philipp

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