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Hola from Littleton, CO


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Hey Friends!


My name is Elijah and I have been eating the vegan version of Dr. Fuhrman's dietary recommendations since August of '05. I was a vegunkatarian for about a year before that.


Anyways, I got this website from the user "Offense74". Cool guy!


I have been training hard for the past 2 weeks on the Core Performance program minus his dietary recommendations!!


I play competitive baseball in 2 different leagues here in Denver and am looking forward to developing some explosive speed, strength and power!!


I go whitewater kayaking in the Colorado Rivers as well!


My goals are to increase my raw intake of both fruits and veggies. I have been looking at "The fruitarian one's" website and videos quite a bit and am very impressed. I bought a whole bunch more fruit tonight. I still plan on eating veggies at the moment but I definitely plan on increasing my fruit intake and decreasing my cooked veggie intake and substituting it with more raw veggies and leafy greens.


I have been lurking for 3-4 days now and have been very impressed by some of your photos!! It is very inspirational to see the images of fellow vegan athletes!


I just took my before pictures except I forgot to do the side shot, I will take that in a week when I get my digital camera back from my GF (she is on vacation).


I will be posting my results when there are some to show


I am 5' 11" and weigh about 150 lbs and plan to gain about .5-1 lb per week of training. So in a few months I will have gained 10+ pounds and can post some images.


I do not take protein supplements or powders although I did try that a year ago when I started the Core Performance program, I fell off that wagon, still have the whey powder and creatine. Dunno why, I guess I really should throw it out. I will not be falling off the wagon this time, Something is different this time, I am extremely dedicated this time and have been waking up at 4:45 am every morning to workout (I used to sleep until 8-9 am). I want to be a vegan role model and am sick of people telling me I am skinny. I will be wearing a shirt soon that says "Vegan Power" when I become more muscular.


I am working on becoming bi-lingual in both Spanish and English.


Well I could go on but I guess that is what my blog is for!


Adios Amigos

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Welcome, Elijah. More raw is a good way to go. A great way to get more fruit and veggies is a green smoothie. Also, get yourself some Vega - you can order it from Food Fight! if there's nowhere to buy it in Denver. It's the best meal replacement powder out there. You'll read about it a lot on this forum - lots of Vega freaks here. I have it every single day, sometimes twice. And definitely throw that whey crap out!

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Welcome to the forum!


Great intro! I'm glad Offense74 sent you here. You are right, he's a cool guy. Nice to see another member from Colorado, we've had a few from that area join recently. My younger brother lives out there too.


Enjoy the community here. Of course we have a ton of great info and inspiring people but the whole feel of the community is the best part about this place.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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Welcome...looking forward to seeing your results...as for the powders give the whey to someone you know would be buying it anyway...it keeps on less cow from getting milked(at least for a while). As for the creatine it should be vegan so long as the company doesn't test on animals.

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Thanks for the greetings everyone! I really look forward to being able to do sideways pole pushups and 1 leg/one arm pushups and all of that amazing stuff!!


Funny you guys mention the green smoothies!! Dr. Fuhrman's diet is big on "blended salads"! I even juiced some Kale this morning! I will admit though that I have been slacking on the blended salads lately but I used to eat them religiously every day, afternoon and night. It was real easy to get a ton of veggies in but I have taken a liking to real salads lately. I think now is the time to go 50/50 on real salads and blended salads. However I used to eat them when I did not workout. I think that this time since I will be working out they will be comparable to a Vega drink or protein supplement anyways. I also eat sunflower seeds, pine nuts and pistachio's for some extra protein and fat.


I have also for the first time ever eaten a coconut! I tried a while back but it was moldy and turned me off! Last night I bought 2 (just in case one was moldy) and drank the water and beat the crap out of it with a hammer and so far, I really enjoy them!


I saw everyone on the boards talk about coconuts in more than one thread and it inspired me to subconsciously grab one at the store last night!



I like the community here to! There is a lot of humor here and it seems kinda tight like that! Doesn't seem to be much bitching and it appears there is quite a bit of respect given to everyone. Good vibes all around. And one thing I really like is that you are not the typical vegans I am used to hearing on the message boards! You know what I mean



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Thanks for the welcome everyone!! You to Offense!! Thanks again for recommending these forums!


I have gained 3 lbs - 4 lbs since I started training. 2-3 in the past 7 days! I was kind underweight though so I am sure my body was just wanting some stimulation to absorb more calories.


This core performance stuff has kept me sore for three weeks straight though!! The exercises are great and they change it up a lot so I am hoping I can transition into some more bodyweight exercises soon! I am on a 12 week program for baseball so I am going to follow it through to the end. I met some guys at the gym who are showing me some more agility and speed exercises! It is nice to have some friends who are into fitness! You can only learn so much from cyber friends It helps to have a real person tell you what you are doing right/wrong.


On my way to the one arm one leg push up...

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