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UFC 68 videos???

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question submitted to Mike Sloan, writer for Sherdog.com:

Question: Mr. Sloan. How much of a chance do you give Randy against Sylvia? Do you give him any realistic chance of winning? – (no name given)


Sloan: No, I give Randy 0% chance of winning. None. It's impossible.


i love this fight! i can't stop watching it. i love how Randy backed up his promise "i gonna get in his face and make him fight. if he thinks he's gonna hold on to his belt with that mentality, it's not gonna happen."


there are many hilights i like. of course the immediate knockdown in round 1, i literally jumped out of my seat. i think tim was waiting to carry out his game plan of avoiding and jabbing once in a while, when Randy came in with a huge right hand and said "BAM, you're gonna get a fight tonight!" and later on in round one, tim looks up at Big John Mcarthy, and Big John says "your gonna have to work tim, i'm not gonna stand you up". again, there goes tim's plan of stalling.


round 3 was another hilight for me. no takedowns at all, all stand up which Tim should be better at with his reach advantage, and Randy still dominated him. all that bobbing and weaving Randy was doing, Tim landed a handful of punches while Randy was landing his punches almost at will. round 4 and 5, again Tim could not avoid and Randy took him down whenever he wanted. such a great fight.

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