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We made it to London

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Hope you are settling in OK.


I've trained at this gym a couple of times - http://www.jubileehallclubs.co.uk/jhc_hampstead/hampstead_intro.htm - it's on Pond Street opposite the Royal Free Hospital, so convenient for you. I think it's a good gym, you may like it. You can pay for a one-off session, at around £8-£10 I think not cheap, but least you can try before committing to a contract.

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On the legal side, I am a UK citizen (dual with US) because my mother is English. So there was no restriction on my moving over here to settle and work. Katrina got a visa as my unmarried partner. We went to the British Embassy in NY to get it. We had to prove that we had been living together as a couple for at least 2 years and that we had the financial resources to support ourselves without Katrina having to draw on any public funds. The application went pretty smoothly. Her visa is for 2 years. At the end of that time she can apply for permanent residency. In about 3 years from now, she can apply for British Citizenship if she wanted; she would then be dual US/UK citizen. It did take a lot of planning and paperwork to get K's visa, be able to bring the pets over, and things like that. I did a lot of research.


On the emotional side, it has hardly even sunk in yet that we are here and not going back to Baltimore any day! We haven't had any kind of homesickness yet, but it's been just over a week. I imagine we'll have some eventually. There's no culture shock for me, as I've visited England my whole life (coming to visit my mom's family) and also lived here (though in the north, not London) for a year when a teen. I guess that might be more of an issue for Katrina, but she doesn't seem too shocked yet.

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