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Rawbert going on 4th day!

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Hey, sorry to start a new thread, when there is already a thread about me being RAWbert but I'm kinda proud of myself and had to make a statement.


I'm going on my 4th day being RAW. I'm doing this to "cleanse" a little bit since I eat pounds and pounds of heavily processed cooked foods each day and my stomach doesn't always like that.


Some of the foods I've been eating are:
















Raw coconut oil




and other things.


Not a whole lot of variety yet, but it has been good. I feel fine, had a great back workout 2 days ago, played tennis today (with lilikoi, oregonisaac, C.O. and davidtarrfoster).


I'm finding that raw foods can be very filling. To be honest, I miss cooked foods and I will go back to them. I have no intention of going 100% raw, but I really can see myself at 60%-75% raw everyday and be really content.


I do have some cravings for rice, beans, sandwiches, and other food. Part of it is the "heat" I think I miss, other parts are just the heavy dense feeling of burritos and sandwiches, and davidtarrfoster is making some amazing food these days too and I miss those entrees.


Anyway, I am beginning my 4th day totally RAW and we'll see how long it goes. I may not make it to 5 days but I think I will go fully raw for a day or two a week just to see if that helps my stomach and to somewhat "cleanse" a bit.

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Yeah, I've used those but not very consistently so it wasn't a good trial period to give accurate test results.


I'll try that again. I'm just trying to be more like Brendan because he seems to have everything in order nutritionally which allows him to require less sleep, is more efficient than anyone I know, can train hard and recover quickly and seems to be immune to illness, including small things like stomach aches, and he's in a different city every week living out of suitcases.


Even with all that "stress" he seems to be an example of perfect health.


My stomach problems do bother me and I think I will try a 'cleanse' sometime too, but I really think that being raw for a couple days at a time does do some good. I really miss warm, heavy, cooked foods But I'm doing well totally RAW too.

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I feel much better at around 75-80% raw. Generally what i'll do is do protein shakes throughout the day, which are primarily raw, and eat raw foods. Then around dinner-ish time i'll eat some cooked food. Seems to work out well for me!

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i dont care for the heat of foods. i just like the full feeling i get from heavy carb foods. i am actually craving and preferring fruits now.


but i am eating more raw and would like to one day eat entirely raw.

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I went raw for 4 1/2 days and then I fell off of the wagon. I too cannot live without one cooked meal a day. But I will do some days completely raw. I feel alot better and since I stopped eating all processed foods, diet cokes, coffee, and wheat products, my sinuses have all but cleared up. Yippee.

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hey Rawbert that's rawesome! great progress! even a couple of days raw a week will make a huge difference i'm sure.


i'm really enjoying being 95% raw (discluding some herbal tea now and then) and find that so long as i eat plenty of fruit i'm not missing out on the heavy cooked foods at all really, apart from psychologically.

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I didn't make it the full 4 days. I had a big salad that had some tofu in it, so into the evening I was still 90% RAW but then had two energy bars, a huge bowl of tofu, rice, steamed greens, etc. so that dropped me down to 50/60% Raw for the whole day.


I actually feel pretty comfortable at about 60% Raw. I realize that is not too different than a regular vegan diet, but imagine non-vegan diets, some people never eat anything that doesn't come in a package or box. Some people are 0% raw, not even eating fruits or any uncooked veggies.


So I feel OK having over half of my diet raw fruits and veggies and getting the rice and beans and cooked veggies and other non-raw stuff in there too.


I still think I'll do a RAW day or two a week, and 4 day was the longest I've made it so far. Someday I'll do a whole week but I feel "skinny" on a raw diet and really wanted that heavy, dense, calorie-rich feeling of the cooked food I had last night.

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I know sweetie, I will try to bulk up as much as I can before you get here! But sometimes my stomach just can't handle it So I tried to be Rawbert to help, but it didn't make much difference


Maybe I need to eat more cupcakes and cookies. I rarely eat anything like that.


I back to cooked-bert and I may head out for a bulking burrito soon.

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