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Jan's intro


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Hey all, Robert told me to make an introduction, and I'm afraid he'll squash my head if I don't, so here goes.


I've been vegetarian for almost two years now, and my one year vegan anniversary is coming up next month! I never imagined in a million years I'd ever give up eating animals, let alone be a vegan animal rights activist! I'm a senior at the University of California, Irvine, and I run the AR group here.


Lately I've really been trying to shape up and build some muscle. I was seriously hindered in my physical activity for over two years because of several knee injuries and surgeries, and I'm really working on building up strength in my knees and get them back to normal and healthy levels. I'm also working on getting some upper-body strength and definition because I'd like to be strong and have good endurance, as well as provide a good image of veganism, helping to dispel the myth that vegans are inherently weak and undernourished.


Thanks for reading!



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Welcome Jan!


I don't squash any heads, I'm a nice guy


Thanks for the intro. Happy vegan anniversary! I hope you have a great time here on the forum, meet cool people, learn lots of stuff and share things with us.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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UCI is such a beautiful campus. I ended up at Cal State Fullerton instead for my biochemistry degree. The campus there is getting better and bigger all the time (especially from the science and tech point of view).


I want to tell you about my anusara yoga class. This yoga will help you build your knee strength up the right way. My yoga classes always start out with making my toes are pointed straight forward with the second toe facing forward the most and the feet are hip width apart (not close together as in some yoga classes). I like how they use words for you to figure out if you are in alignment or not. In fact my teacher takes us out of alignment and then moves us back into alignment, with all the secondary limbs in correct places before the main limb goes back into correct alignment.


Their whole concept is based on alignment of the spine and appendages. If you can do a lunge with your feet lined up perfectly, hips squared off, and tail bone down with spine long and curved correctly, and shoulder girdle squared off too (not leaning forward so the HEART remains open (yoga philosophy there)), then you should be able to add more weight with a barbell and feel confident that you won't hurt yourself with a weighted lunge.


Just a little info from my experience of this yoga that I now incorporate into my weight lifting techniques.

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Great meeting you at Expo West!!!





I'm sure we'll be hanging out again soon. I'm in town for a few more days and I'll be back for Animal Rights Conference in July and hope to stay for about 2 weeks.

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Jan is here in Portland for part of this week. We're training together in about an hour


As for a quick update for AR 2007......I won't be there this year. I decided that about a week ago, with the help from some friends. I just won't be able to make that event this year.

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