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Hi everyone...after suggesting that I join many many times I finally gave in to loveliberates suggestions to do so ( i am not much of a computer person).


So, I will tell ya a bit about me....

I am partner to loveliberate and mama of 3 awesome kids...we are all vegan. I have been vegan for about 12 years and veggie before that. Our kids have been vegan since day one!


I am currently in massage school (almost in my last term) and I love it more than I even thought I would...especially the sciences. I learn a lot about the body and nutrition and it is very exciting and motivating for me.

I have lots of hobbies, I have been slowly learning to spin poi (I have recently watched some of Tanya Kay's DVD...thanks Robert), I am also (very) slowly teaching myself accordian. I love sewing and doing crafts, henna, cooking, travelling, bellydancing, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine/nutrition. I am a doula. I love to learn new stuff and share my knowledge with others.


I am trying to be better about my exercise program of some cardio, weight lifting and stretching... but have low back problems so I sometimes get set back by that. i love to swim whenever I can and hope to get a bike put together real soon.


I am glad to be here and look forward to being a part of this community. I have enjoyed meeting those of you whom I have already met and look forward to meeting more folks.


I will be attending vegan vacation!

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thanks to everyone for the welcomes! Looking forward to seeing ya all this summer....I espeially can't wait to hang auht an' talk yinzer with Michael and vegan madre...some days I sure do miss Pixsburgh!


oh yea, maybe DV can get in on the fun with her Philly accent!

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Welcome lotus!


Usually I'm one of the first to welcome new members but as you know I'm out of town. Great to have you on here! You are one of my favorite people in town and your family is probably at the top of my list for favorites to hang out with.


Thanks for all you've done to help me with various events, including last year's Vegan Vacation, the Vegan Holiday Festival and other things.


It is awesome to see you on here. Kick loveliberate off the computer every once in a while so you can post too


Have a great time and see you soon!

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Hey Lotus!

It is great to see you here.

One day I have to get my partner Anke onboard so that she can see that there are completely vegan families out there...

Your family is an inspiration to me although I have not met you in person yet. I am looking forward to see you and your kids during VV2007!

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I just have to say publicly that davidtarrfoster routinely talks about how you are the best parents he's seen. I have to agree with him. He specifically mentions how well behaved your kids are, how happy they are, how healthy they are, how you don't feed them meat or dairy or other foods and care for them well, and stuff like that.


We always enjoy hanging out so let's do it more often. Your family is GREAT!

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