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Feel tired advices please!


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How much do you sleep? You can be tired from too little sleep, or too much sleep. What about your diet? What you eat also plays a factor. Make sure you're getting all your nutrients. I feel better with THROTTLE MATRIX everyday, being a graduate student, I have to put in long hours of research late at night and Throttle Matrix keeps my mind focused. Have a look at their site myochem.com. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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In addition to all of the regular good nutrition and exercise and enough sleep advice, maybe take a look at how you spend your time and what's going on when you start feeling tired.


Sitting makes me tired. Relaxation is great but sometimes before I know it I've been anchored to the couch for an hour. If you're watching TV get up and do something during the commercials. I am always looking for ways to keep myself more energized so here's a few more practical ideas that I use for myself:


do things that make you happy - time flies when you're having fun and you'll forget feeling tired


watch some stand-up that makes you really laugh


go for a quick 5-10min walk or if indoors have a dance break!


upbeat music ALWAYS gets me going


do the dishes - once I start cleaning I usually end up finding other stuff to clean and keeping my environment clean is a great way to keep my energy clean and clear too


soak up some sunshine


make plans - whether its a short to-do list or a career plan


avoid people places or things that wear you out - seems simple but there are definitely some people in my life that I love, but man, they drain me


immerse yourself in water - when water flows or moves it releases negative ions into the air, alters the bodies electromagnetic field and elevates your mood, plus it just feels good


Food-wise the biggest energy booster for me has been to eat every 2-3 hours, if I'm doing that, my body is much happier and my metabolism keeps running.


These all might seem pretty obvious but when I get in a funk whether short-term or long-term, chances are I haven't been paying enough attention to the simple things that help keep up my energy.

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