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I'm on multiple new myspace avatars :)


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Brendan and I found these today, 24 hours after the Expo West in Anaheim. Some people who met me at the booth or who have met me before and came by the booth, used photos of me+them for their avatars on myspace so that is kinda neat and it feels good


After a quiet start to 2007, Cheeke is back in action at Expo West! It was a great time and I saw so many awesome people!


Thanks for including me and hanging out this weekend!







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Just the way the camera caught me, I was smiling and maybe shutting my eyes. But to be honest, I was really really tired too! It was a long 3-day Expo, busy 12-14 hours a day and just tons of walking and it was hot, etc.


But so much fun and a great networking opportunity! Expect to see a handful of new forum members this week, especially from this area.


I hope to get more photos this week too.


Zack....thanks man, the forearm does look a little crazy in that first photo but that's just the way they are. They scare people sometimes but it's fun

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