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Images from my Southern California trip


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Here are just a few, many more to come I'm sure! This has been great so far and I hung out with a bunch of forum members (but got very few photos).


Sorry most of these are of me but I was having fun!



Setting up the Vega booth for Expo West





Walking into Disney Town to hang out and explore a bit.





Hanging out at the LegoLand or something like that at in Disney Town





Playing around inside the store......as usual











Good times so far but not many photos and I didn't get the chance to get any group photos with the forum members who were here


But we'll get more before the trip is over!

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cool... if i was there i'd buy a lot of vega stuff.. lol... they rock! xD


nice picture in disney 'downtown'... ( i didn't even know there was such place.. )

but it's really cool anyways..

i'm sure you're their biggest customer.


wow.. giant lego... awesome.. i'd love play with those..

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It has been fun so far! I actually don't like Disney all that much but I'm really having fun right now and focusing on enjoyment rather than how evil everything is And it feels pretty good focusing on the positive at the moment.


Speaking of which.....I found this photo on myspace....a friend took it last night. You'll see I'm trying not to get dumped on by the very large lego giraffe



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