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Dream Come True! - A Training Session at Gold's Gym Venice


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Today I fulfilled a dream of training at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA.....the Mecca of Bodybuilding. This the the gym Arnold and all the great bodybuilders trained at during the late 60's, through the 70's and 80's and today top bodybuilders, pro athletes and celebrities train there.


I've been wanting to go for 5-10 years and today it was a reality. As soon as I got there I saw Bob Cicherillo, the bodybuilder I had been hanging out with the last few days in Anaheim at Expo West. He is a top star in the sport right now, so it was cool to see him there. Charles Glass was also there and a few other somewhat big name/big time bodybuilders.


It cost me $20 to get in so I had a 1 hour 40 minute workout and afterwards I had Brendan take some photos. We're not allowed to take photos inside the gym, just inside the door at the front desk. So that is where they were taken from.



My sincere smile as I'm happy to live out this dream!





Flexing a bit, looking the biggest in the final photo:









Some photos of the outside of the building:











One of the hardest working guys I know. Always doing business. Brendan Brazier outside of the gym on a business call before heading to Whole Foods for some post workout lunch:







Single anyone?



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I know, I know........but I got something for you when I was there and we'll be there in July training together.


Thanks guys for the comments. It was truly awesome to be there and to be wearing a Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness shirt for nearly 2 hours at the gym.


And as you can hopefully see, I'm getting some muscle back on me again


I love it down here! So much great stuff going on! I hope to go back tomorrow or the next day and I also want to get back ot Muscle Beach.


Tomorrow is a trip through Beverly Hills and over to Malibu.

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I found Beverly Hills really amusing. There are people on street corners selling maps to the "stars" houses and you can go drive round and look at their houses - although the houses are set really far back and there are huge gates. There are also lots of security firms checking you out incase you stay too long


I sooo wish I was there

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Wow man, I was in Socal all week too and didn't even know you were there! I had no internet access and didn't have my car with me. I also got one of my dreams fulfilled and was able to train at Gold's Gym Venice Beach! I trained chest and arms Thursday from about 6- 7 15. It was awesome, but I didn't get to see Chick or Glass, I'm so jealous! I also didn't get to go to the beach since we arrived in Venice so late. Awesome bro!

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Man, we just missed each other! It was awesome being there in the gym. I trained chest also, and some back and arms as I waited for Brendan to pick me up.


I'll be back in July for the Animal Rights Conference so you know I'll be hittin up Gold's Gym Venice.


Let's try to meet up sometime. How far is it from Tucson?


Did you get any photos?

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