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A friendly bit of advice from a Naturopathic Doctor -


In the "old days" when there was a cetain ambiguity about how much live culture actually made it through the stomach it made a certain amount of sense to take probiotics for relatively long periods of time. Today, the probiotic market has gotten so competitive that the manufacturers have been compelled to make better and better (and stronger and stronger) products with live organisms which we can be relatively certain make it past the stomach and into the gut. These products have actually become medicines, I think, and should not be taken lightly.


Personally, I love the Jarrow and New Chapter products and recommend them to my patients frequently. I am not familliar with the other two products mentioned but I am sure they are equally strong and efficacious.


But remember that the intention is to innocculate the gut so these organisms can grow to a balanced level and restore normal gut flora. One might make the case that your body's wisdom with keep these organisms in check but in fact, we are seeing more and more cases of overgrowth of these "healthy" organisms in individuals who are taking high doses over extended periods.


Generally, I recommend that my patients take these super-probiotics for about 10 days to two weeks and then give it a rest. If there is some reason why these organisms are being wiped out then that's the real problem that needs to be addressed before we re-innocculate with more probiotics.


Hope this is helpful - just one man's opinion.

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I take the lifetime acidophillus from whole foods, and nature's way reuteri.


I would guess anything from jarrow is good too.


I don't take probiotics all the time, but do ~30 day cycles every few months to reestablish the flora.


I'm not sure there is any benefit from taking them constantly, as the intestinal/stomach flora reproduce naturally, but does anyone have any other opinions or evidence on this?

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