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Which is more "fun" high reps or low reps?

Which is more fun, high reps or low reps?  

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When do you "enjoy" more, training for high reps getting that "pump" feeling or low reps getting that "strong, explosive" feeling?


Personally, I like both for different muscle groups. For legs I love low reps, for arms I love high reps. For chest I perfer low reps, but shoulders high reps.


In general I love the pump feeling physically, but I like the explosive, strong feeling mentally, after completing a heavy set.


Both are satisfying but when it comes to overall goals and which is more in line with what I'm doing I'd say low reps.


But for "fun" I'd say hi reps.


I hope I didn't confuse anyone

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I really hate doing more than 6 reps of anything other than eating or pedaling my legs. Lifting like a cyclist isn't all that much fun...I really wish failing trying to get a second or third rep of something

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