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Hello From Illinois


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My name us Lisaann I am the 40 year-old single mom of a 14 year old son . I became a Vegitarian about 9 months ago. I got fed up with hearing all the horror stories in the news about Mad Cow Disease & E.coli & decided I needed to give up red meat for my health. Everyone kept telling me I was going to miss it at first, but I don't & I'm actually healthier. I used to get sick with bad colds & now I don't. I'm also more aware of what I'm buying whenever I go to the supermarket. I try to buy organic foods whenever I can get them. I love vegan & vegitarian burgers & soymilk & only eat cage free eggs (They are pricey, but I would rather give up something I don't need than eat eggs produced by hens who are locked up in wire cages!).


Besides my son, I have a "Fur" baby, a Yorkshire Terrier named Sunni. She's 1. I have kind of made it my mission to make sure dogs like her are not used in scams, bred in puppy mills, or abused. I hear stories everyday about small breed dogs being tortured & there are so many Yorkies who are desprately in need of good homes. If I could afford to, I would adopt them all. It's sad what people do to them.

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Welcome to our family


We have a great forum group here and we're happy to have you. We even have a number of members in your State and region.


Thanks for the intro and we hope you find lots of great info here and enjoy your time on the forum. We do have a lot of cool people so now you have a bunch of new friends as well.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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