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Ryan's "Hope to compete again in 2014" log

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Thanks, Robert - I'm pretty bummed on this, espeically since I will probably have to avoid lifting heavy for up to 2 months this time with the added treatment, rather than my usual 20-30 days off. Lots cardio coming, and after about a month I'll probably do some bodyweight stuff, mostly push-ups, chins and some freeweight squats, but nothing with any significant weight on it for at least a good stretch. I guess that this'll be my time to work on getting those sets of 10 for pull-ups that I wanted to hit - should be easier once I get my weight below 260 Gotta keep my chin up to get through the rough spots, and here's to hoping that the new treatments hold out better and let me train consistently afterward!

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When I have the surgeries done, I can't do anything of more than minimal straining for around a month as the blood vessels that were operated on are closing up and the goal is to keep them from leaking fluid. Too much leakage = more risk of blindness. The eye can absorb back a decent amount of fluid and be good afterward, but too much and it can cause permanent problems, which I'm hoping to avoid. I only have around 90-92% vision in my left eye after the first problems before I had my initial surgeries, and I'm hoping to keep as much of that as I can


I've been known to train a bit earlier than recommended and I still get great first follow-up reports, but since I'm having a new treatment added in I have to keep things with lifting to a minimum until the 2nd round is done about a month to 6 weeks after today's treatment. It sucks, but my doc was pretty bummed out that after my 2nd round that the treatments didn't hold out longer. I'm just working to be as safe as possible this time, not to mention I'm seeking out new physicians to try and find out if there are any other experimental therapies for what I'm dealing with. The only other treatment I've heard of is one of the grossest sounding things and I get quesy thinking about it, so I'm avoiding it unless necessary. Let's just say that it's compounded by needing to be done while conscious, which ain't going to work for me unless it's a last resort. Here's to hoping I can find something else out there!

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I'm working on it! I plan to lose a bit of flab during this downtime by starting to get my butt to walking or doing some stationary biking for the time being. In around a month I'll get to trying some of the bodyweight stuff and we'll see how that goes. Yesterday's surgery was not too bad - 2 hours of prep, 50 seconds of actual work done on me, but being well-tranquilized made the time go quite smoothly. Previous surgeries had left me wiped out for the rest of the night - not this time, took a 3 hour nap and still made it to a friend's NYE party in time.


Already feeling like I want to lift after only a few days - this is gonna be rough!

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Just a bit past a week of no lifting. Starting to panic a bit because I don't know what else to do some nights


Done a few good walks on the treadmill, just 30 minutes each time with a minor incline of around 3 degrees with a good fast walk of 3.3 to 4.0 mph. Played around with my IronMind cables a bit to just stretch everything out, did 1 set shoulder press, 1 set rows, 1 set chest press with it, felt like I was cramping up too easily, which was odd.


In another week, I'm going to bend the rules slightly for training. I'm not going to "lift" exactly, but do some lifting-related endurance work starting then. Doing walks with the bar across my back (just with a light 135 lbs.), overhead walks with the same weight, some farmer's walks with a pair of 45 lb. plates in each hand...just something that's not as strenuous as normal lifting but will have some benefit other than just walking or biking. Gotta keep things fun without getting in too quickly, so next Monday I'm looking forward to it.


Weight down to 268.5, slowly dropping, looking to get right around 260 by month's end. We'll see what happens from there

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Cable training day today to switch things up (had a nice power walk day 2 days ago).


Rotate circuits of 4 exercises, 3 bands on cable setup -

1. Kneeling 1-arm shoulder press, one cable handle wrapped around same-side foot to add more resistance than holding it in my hand, 25 reps/set. First 3 east, last one was pretty tough.

2. Rows, with cables around basement support pole, sets of 25, all quite easy.

3. Shrugs, one handle looped around opposing side foot, wide stance to add more resistance, 3x40, all very easy

4. Rear delt expanders - arms in front, palms together, pull arms straight out to where you'd be in a "t" position at the end of the rep. 12 reps/set, all took a little bit of work to do (especially when squeezing at the end of each rep)


Two days off from cable work, will walk or bike tomorrow, will do a chest and lower body cable day next time along with some wall squats and glute/ham raises and unweighted reverse hypers. Anything to keep busy without really putting a big strain for a few more weeks to help the healing process


I also came to the realization that I have an excellent training tool at my disposal - I bought a pulling sled some time ago but never used it because I foolishly bought the indoor model that digs into soil too much to use outdoors except on smooth concrete. With our warehouse, I've got a nice 100+ foot long path from one side to the other that I can use for pulls, so I'm going to take it there next week and make a day where I do some weighted drags, pulls, and other stuff that I learned training at NX Level last year. You can do chest work (stand in front of sled with 2 handles, press in front of you, walk up to where it is taut, press and repeat) and rowing work with it (same as chest, just moving backward). Again, nothing heavy, maybe with just 90 lbs. or something, but as long as I can keep things interesting I'll get through the next month without going mad

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Did my "weighted cardio" workout today, felt good!


Walks with 135 lb. barbell across shoulders -

1x1 min. to warm up

2x5 min. walks (shoulder inflexibility to hold it for so long was the main problem to go any further)

Covered around 1/2 mile estimated with the pace I moved at for this duration, probably just a little over


Walks with 135 lb. bar pressed overhead -

4x1 min. each


Walk with a 45 lb. plate in each hand

2x2.5 min. each


Shot for 20 min. of movement in 30 minutes, made it without a problem.


Never touched an elliptical trainer before, decided to give it a go, did 10 minutes at a moderate pace, that was it.


Will try to do this workout again in around a week, adding another 5 min. of weighted walks to the total.

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Holy crap, it's been a while since I've been at the gym, and it shows I've got a new plan for the time being - I'm going to spend the next few months just working on light weight training to keep up endurance and drop fat as I'm working toward a 50-75% raw diet (been said that it will be good for my eye condition to reduce flare-ups), and I'm aiming to get myself down to around 245ish before I try to build my weight back up slowly to a much more solid 255-260. This is a work in progress over the next 6-9 months, just taking it slow, adapting to a new diet and seeing where it takes me.


First day lifting in 3 weeks, just playing around with light weight, though it kicked me in the butt from doing nothing more than taking a few power walks this past month:


Squats to box at exact parallel -

1x10 @ 135

3x12 @ 185

All very easy and no strain despite feeling weak, but still got winded, which made me feel bad because I actually was getting some decent endurance up until 2 months ago


Pull-ups, fairly wide grip -

5x4, 1x5 @ bodyweight

Feeling better with these now that I'm down to 260 lbs., going to try and get 6x5 next week, goal is to work up to 50 reps total (5x10 is what I'm after!)


Wide-grip standing behind-the-neck BB overhead press, resting bar on shoulders dead-stop between reps -

3x8 @ 135

Fought a bit on the last rep of the last, set, but even when my pressing is good, I'm bad with behind the neck stuff so I didn't feel too bad about it.


Plate-loaded squat machine -

2x20 @ 200 lbs.

Feet WAY out in front on plate, pushing with glutes and hams only, hurt like crazy for a light weight and was breathing heavy when done.


Standing BB press in front -

2x10 @ 135

Just craking out a few more sets to wrap up shoulder work with light weight.


Pulldown machine - 2 separate handles, but fixed motion unlike a cable setup -

1x25 @ 110 lbs. to burn out on back work


Final leg circuit to finish off -

Seated leg curls - 1x20 @ 100

Adductor - 1x15 @ 150

Abductor - 1x15 @ 150

All with no break between sets. Need to build my hip strength back up for stability, tossed in the two extra things at the end just to fry myself and do something different tonight.


Next gym stop will be Sunday, doing some light deadlifts, chest and shrug work. Nothing heavy for some time, just keeping it light and focusing on proper breathing and no strain to complete a lift so that I can reduce likelihood of screwing up my eye again. If I have to train light for months, so be it, because surgery sucks and if I can avoid it by lifting lighter, I'll just have to become a pretty boy and work on building a lean body instead of going for strength. Any lifting is better than none!

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I know this sounds weird, but congratulations on succeeding in taking some time off!


Sounds like it was important for your recovery, so thats great.


I've had a flu bug for the past few days, and it's been REALLY HARD not going to the gym for three days. My muscles were dying for exercise! I definitely respect your discipline, since it's necessary to ensure a good recovery!



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Thanks, LTV!


Seems like this past week the fates were against my training at all - been at work from noon to 2-3 AM almost every day, have an employee that is leaving us quite suddenly, planning two tradeshow trips to scout new products...not a time where I've had 90 minutes to spare for the trip to go lift and get home again. Except tonight, but it's 2:30 and I'm back at the office again afterward


Decided to start over a bit and modify because last week's day had too much and I just didn't feel good. Dropped the shoulders to do them a few days later, just did legs and upper back today for some light higher rep stuff.


Circuited 3 different exercises at all times during the course of training:


Box squats to parallel, sit back and re-set on each rep

1x10 @ empty bar

1x10 @ 135

3x12 @ 225

Again, very easy to do, but the lack of lifting endurance with only 2 sessions in 6 weeks has taken its toll, but it'll come back.


BB shrugs

1x50 @ 225

2x30 @ 225

Once I started to get winded more after the first circuit, I had to cut down. Keeping tabs on my breathing is key to not screwing up my eye from training, so that's a key focus. Being a bit winded is the only thing that kept me from going more, not muscular fatigue


Pull-ups, palms-in fairly wide grip

4x6, 1x3

Last set, I was fried. Getting better every time, getting closer to that goal of sets of 10 a few months down the line!


Plate-loaded squat machine, feet way out in front for hamstring focus -

2x20 @ 230

Not hard at all, just getting winded is what's killing me early


1-arm shrugs from varying angles on cable machine -

2x50 @ 65 normal with arm at side

2x45 @ 50 doing scapular retraction style, arm at head height at 45 degrees for 15, arm at head height straight out at side for 15, arm at head height straight in front of me for 15.


Goofy experiment with horizontal rows pulldown-style with straight bar above, me lying on back on a flat bench, rowing down into sternum -

2x20 @ 140

Had to take a few rests after 15 and finish up with some singles with a few breaths between - it was harder than it seemed since you can't cheat at all.


Finally, wrapped up with 1 set of burn-out seated leg curls, 20 reps @ 120 followed by 20 reps @ 70, could barely walk but stretched out and felt fine.


Got in the car, felt like a million bucks from training and not feeling like I was going to die in the process, and barring any more terribly overloaded weeks I should get back in the gym at least 2-3 times per week from here on out, aiming to start slowly and build back up to where I feel that I've got some respectable numbers again without doing the old 1-5 rep training to get there!

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Continuing the light workouts for shoulders and lower back with some other misc. stuff thrown in for good measure -


Standing BB overhead press -

3x20 @ 100 lbs.


Snatch grip high pulls -

1x10 @ 135

1x10 @ 185

1x20 @ 135

Lost my groove for not doing any pulls from the floor in so long. Gonna take some time to get back to 225 for sets of 10...


Blue cable w/handles overhead press -



Speed double deadlifts to work on form again -

10x2 @ 225

All were super-quick, but again, pulling off the floor is weird so I have to re-learn


Seated cable face pulls from varying angles of 45 degrees above head down to face height -

4x25 @ 55 lbs.


DB hammer curls

1x18 @ 40 lbs.


Went home, did a few lower back sets at bodyweight to wrap up -

2x20 for back extensions

2x30 for reverse hyperextensions

No weight on either, just keeping up the volume for lower back work


Two days off, then back to back and leg work!

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Legs and back day today! Light as usual, endurance getting better which is nice.


Box squats to parallel -

1x20 @ empty bar

1x10 @ 135

3x20 @ 185

If it wasn't for the breathing getting off track at the end, I feel like I could do 50!


Pull-ups @ bodyweight

1x8,7,6,5,4 for 30 total reps

Getting better! Having to take a few seconds' rest between some reps as time goes on, but every one gets done.


BB shrugs -

3x30 @ 275


Plate-loaded squat machine, legs far forward for more hamstring work -

2x20 @ 270 lbs.

Wanted a 3rd set, hamstring cramped on the 5th rep, stopped there for these.


1-arm cable shrugs from various angles -

3x30 @ 75 lbs. each arm


Plate-loaded Hammer Strength low row -

2x20 @ 270, each rep done slow, perfect and pulled back as far as possible, endurance giving out before muscular fatigue as usual

1x15 @ 360 lbs., done slow as well, under 100% control


Seated leg curl burnout set -

1x30 @ 100 lbs.


That was it for today. Sunday night will be shoulders and lower back again, will post when done.


I should keep track of my food more as well, so I'll put down today's eating:


Breakfast - giant fruit smoothie w/ pea protein (no Vega in the house at that time ), Vega EFA oil, heaping spoonfull of Vitamineral Green, goji, acai and mangosteen juice added. Was SUPER good!


Snack - 1 pack of vegan jerky (still trying to give it up completely!) and about 1/4 cup raw cashews


Late lunch - Giant spinach and mixed greens salad with tons of extras and Legere's dressing, Indian 3-bean salad, another smoothie with berries and wheatgrass juice


Dinner post-workout - 2.5 scoops of berry Vega in water with around 2 oz. goji juice added for flavor, homemade panini (my other cooked food vice that I'm trying to phase out a bit more) with 2 slices Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, 5 slices Field Roast, spring mix, thinly-sliced cheddar-flavor Cheezly and organic Vegenaise. Not raw, not completely whole food, as I tend to slip when I get super-hungry. Added about 1 cup red grapes as well for some post-workout carbs.


Last snack - about 1/3 cup curry cashews (not raw, unfortunately) as I'm typing this, total calories just around 3000 today.


Trying to keep intake around 2500 cal/day during my non-lifting days, haven't been walking as much as I'd like, need to get back on that again starting tomorrow. Lost an employee whose heart was no longer in her work and moved on, so I'm pulling double-duty until we get someone moved into her spot, and I'm short on time and at the office way too much. Oh well, things will normalize again soon!

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Continuing on with the high-endurance training, but with a bit of a twist today for shoulders, lower back and a bit of assistance work.


Standing strict overhead BB press -

1x20 @ empty bar

1x5 @ 135

3x4 @ 175 - just testing with not going as light, harder than it used to be with the weight gone and so much time of no heavy stuff!

2x10 @ 135

1x50 @ empty bar, fried, was WAY tougher than I expected, even with 45 lbs.


Standing barbell Good Mornings -

1x10 @ 135

1x20 @ 175

1x25 @ 175

1x30 @ 175

1x50(!) @ 175 - could have knocked out a LOT more rather easily, but my shoulder was getting WAY tight near the end and decided to hang it up there.


Seated barbell Good Mornings -

1x20 @ 135, chest nearly touching bench at bottom

1x50 @ 135, going low as well


Was a nice alternative to deadlifts today, will DL again next week.


Cable face pulls from 45 degrees overhead on down to just above head level, dropping 2 notches on height of cable setup after each set -

4x25 @ 65 lbs.


Cable w/long bar weird sumo-deadlifty kind of pull sitting on floor to lying down (I've explained it before somewhere in my log...)

2x30 @ 220 lbs.


Rope handle cable pull-throughs, wide stance, hands reaching behind a decent amount on each rep at full stretch -

2x20 @ 70 lbs.


All in all, felt really good, more energetic after training, am going to add a middle day again between my 2 main days so I have a place to do some chest work and other misc. stuff that sounds good at that time. Tomorrow is walking day, then back to lifting! As I start to get feeling better, I'll be adding more moderately heavy sets and fewer 20+ endurance sets, but it'll be a slow phase-in over the next 2 months. Anything to keep my eye from getting worse - I'm aiming for more time before I need full treatments!


Food for today -


Missed breakfast (smoothie maker at home died on me yesterday when it ground up part of the lid gasket into my massive green shake ), missed eating for a stretch at work but had 2 pieces vegan jerky after being up about 3 hours.


Went to the opening of the first *healthy* vegetarian restaurant in the Milwaukee area, was SUPER good, stuffed myself silly with cashew and coconut hummus, a really hearty cup of lentil soup w/ vegan sour cream garnish, steamed spinach with lemon and garlic, and the main course of seared tofu with teriyaki glaze and asparagus & sun dried tomato vegan risotto. Washed it down with their green power limeade (apple and lime juice plus a whole bunch of juiced greens including kale) and I could barely move afterward. Heading home soon, will have a big 'ol Vega shake, a grapefruit, some raw nuts, and whatever else sounds good before the night is over.


I was pleased after having an impromptu posing session in the mirror after training, which is keeping me on track to eat well. I'm noticing some decent fat loss in the shoulders, arms, chest and middle to upper back (stupid lower back and gut won't shake it yet!), which is pleasing since I was HOPING to notice a difference now that I'm down to 258. Once I'm at 250 I'm hoping to really start to see things stand out more, eventually I'll get some shots to post!

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Keepin' on keepin' on with the endurance training stuff and staying light -




Just wasn't feeling them tonight, did a bit less than half of what I'd wanted to do (aimed originally for 7x5) but not every day can be a great one, I suppose.


1-arm shrugs on the...gasp...Smith machine!

1x20 @ 105 lbs each arm (counting counter-balanced bar as standard 15 lbs.)

1x20 @ 155 " "

1x20 @ 175 " "

1x20 @ 195 " "

Had to strap up the arm I was using, the Smith at my gym has a big, fat bar that ALWAYS wants to roll back into the locked position. Not like the old ones that could crush you with one false move - I miss those


DB bench, palms facing each other, elbows in

2x20, 1x17 @ 75s

First set went easy, 2nd set I did 15, stopped for 5 quick breaths, finished off. Last set had about 3 good 5-10 second pauses to finish what I could before my chest and triceps quit altogether. That's what a couple of months of no chest work will do for me.


Hammer Strength plate-loaded rows -

1x20 @ 270 lbs.

1x20 @ 360 lbs.

1x50 @ 180 lbs. very wide grip with palm-in handles

Last set had some breaks - did 30, 5 seconds rest, 10 reps, rest 10 seconds, finished off. Like so many other things, it's my endurance that kills me with this, not that my back gives out.


That was it, short and sweet, just wanted to get that one in since I leave for a few days for our anniversary celebration where we'll get the heck out of town (6 years today!) and won't be back until Sunday. Squats and whatever else sounds good once I return!

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My plan to change things up periodically started today with an intermission in the usual program, some lighter weight with HEAVY volume for the day, just 2 body parts, 1 exercise each -


Standing barbell shoulder press in front -

1x20 @ empty bar

1x3 @ 135

20x5 @ 135

100 reps of working sets, every set fairly easy (I was just starting to get that last-rep struggle a bit on the last 2 sets), could have done a few more, but 100 reps total @ 135 lbs. will do for today In a month, I'll bump it to 150 or 155 and do it all over again, aiming to eventually get it to doing this with 185 for 100 reps total which will put my shoulders with some quality combo strength and endurance. That's the 3-4 month plan!


Barbell squats, varying narrow to fairly wide stances every few sets -

1x10 @ empty bar

2x5 @ 135

24x5 @ 225

1x10 @ 225

Last set I felt like pushing out a few more. I had this silly notion of doing a 20 rep set, but after doing 120 reps beforehand, 10 was enough for that one.


Total workout took 80 minutes after the warmup sets. I'd do presses, add another 45 lb. plate to the bar, get a drink (took about 60 seconds total for the weight change and drink), get under the bar and squat, put another mark on my sheet to count, strip the bar and repeat. Took about 4 minutes total extra sit-down rest (about 2 minutes after set #10, another 2 after set 18), then on the last 5 sets I'd just wait 2 minutes between each set to wrap them up. Kept my heart rate around 80-85% for the entire workout past the 5th set - who says weight training isn't good cardio?


Back and chest or arms on Tuesday, going back for another eye injection on Wednesday (doing it this time as a pre-emptive strike to see if it helps keep the bad stuff at bay longer), so I'll have 2 days off after that before I get back to lifting on Friday. I'm feeling good, not getting the flashing spots that I usually get around 2 months out that are indicitive of more problems on the way, so I'm hoping that I can drag this out for at least 2-3 more months before any signs of problems arise again. We'll see!

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Lost a week of training with last week's latest round of eye surgery (preventative measure this time vs. the usual reactionary treatment to new problems arising), but today it was nice to get back on my game again.


Standing barbell overhead press -

2x3 @ 135

5x3 @ 185

Still feeling weak, but not as much as a month ago. Gotta get that 5x3 back up to 225 again this summer!


Standing BB behind-the-neck press -

2x8 @ 135

Hard as hell today for some reason, wanted 10, 8s were going to have to do.


Pull-ups, medium grip, palms facing in

8x5 for 40 total reps @ bodyweight


Bodyweight rows hanging from bar on Smith machine (see, it does have it's uses!) with feet propped out in front on top of an incline bench

3x20, definitely tough on the last set, grip died on me even with straps!


1-arm shrugs -

1x30 @ 105 lbs. each arm

1x25 @ 155 " "

1x25 @ 175 " "

1x20 @ 205 " " (hard set, did 10, catch my breath, 5 and 5 for each arm)

1x50 @ 105 " "


2-handled rope on cable machine face pulls -

3x20 @ 70 lbs.


Behind-the-back barbell shrugs -

1x30 @ 250

1x25 @ 275

1x30 @ 225


That was it! About 75 minutes total, tomorrow is off, doing box squats on Thursday for high-rep sets for endurance and that'll do it.

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Leg and chest day today -


Box squats to parallel, dead stop sit back on each one -

1x5 @ 135

1x3 @ 205

3x20 @ 205 - all fairly easy, but I was terribly winded and that was the biggest problem to keep going

1x3 @ 275

1x3 @ 295

1x3 @ 315

Even the heavy ones weren't too bad - I'm just weak in the core from not lifting over 225 since before the holidays before I had my last full round of eye surgeries.


DB flat bench, palms facing in -

1x5 @ 65s

6x10 @ 85s - wanted 8 sets, but triceps were crapping out by this time

3x30 @ 45s just to fry myself and do some endurance work


Wrapped up with one last set of squats, done to a bit below parallel, just high reps to burn out

1x30 @ 135 lbs.

Again, losing my breath is what kills me most, wasn't too worn out in any other way. I want to get back to copy the one day that I did 30 reps @ 225 after a few singles with 510. Gonna be a long fight to get back, but if my eye holds out and doesn't keep getting screwed up to make me keep getting surgeries every 3 months, I have little doubt I'll get there in a year or so.

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Back and shoulders today -


Standing barbell overhead strict press -

1x20 @ empty bar

1x3 @ 135

1x8 @ 160

1x8 @ 165

1x8 @ 170

1x12 @ 135

Last set was tough, but not as bad as I expected, feeling better with the pressing for reps again.


Band-assisted pull-ups w/yellow band (takes off around 30 lbs. at bottom, no weight reduced at top of pull)

3x12 @ bodyweight


DB Rows -

2x20 @ 100 lb. DBs each arm

Endurance SUCKED with this one. 2nd set had to do 10, a few breaths, 5, a few more, then 5 to finish. Way too winded.


Blue cable w/handles overhead press -

3x30 presses


Rope handle face pulls -

2x20 @ 75

2x25 @ 55


Hise Shrugs -

2x40 @ 225 lbs.


Overhead shrugs on Smith machine -

1x50 @ 105 lbs. (only counting bar as 15 lbs.)


That's it, a few days off, one more day for lower back and misc. stuff before I leave for Anaheim on Thursday.

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Oh YES....................I'll see you in Anaheim again!!!!!!!




I always look forward to seeing you each year in Southern California and then again in D.C. for AR.


We should find a place to train in Anaheim. I'm focused now and want to stay consistent.


Any ideas? My hotel is a little and doesn't have a gym. Let me know if yours does and I'll come over and slam some weights around (assuming they have some). Or let's look up a gym and a get a workout in, if you're up for it.


All the best....rest up.

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Thanks for the kind words, SeaSiren! The eye seems to be doing well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way for a good stretch. Gotta keep up with the high-rep endurance stuff for a few more months while it heals - no straining on low-rep training for a good stretch, which unfortunately is my preferred way to train, but something is better than nothing


I'll be seeing you soon, Robert - I start packing tonight, I'm sure we'll run into each other at the Vega booth on Friday!


Last night was lower back and misc. training for whatever sounded good.


Started with some deadlift doubles, just re-acquainting myself with proper form again -

1x5 @ 135

1x5 @ 225

10x2 @ 315

Feeling better with them, but still need a few more sessions to get my groove back. Won't go over low 300s for weight for a month or two until I get form hammered down well.


Close-grip barbell bench (bottom position safety pins in the rack about 2-3" above my chest so not a completel ROM)

1x10 @ 135

1x10 @ 185

1x10 @ 205

1x8 @ 225 - triceps giving out at that point, not used to these after a layoff

8x3 @ 175, done with a 2 second pause on the bottom position for each rep, as explosive as possible back up


1-arm shrugs -

2x40 @ 115 each arm

1x30 @ 165 each arm


Ballistic incline press on Hammer Strength machine

2x10 @ 35 lbs. each arm, pushing handle out about 2-3" from palm on each rep


Good Mornigns to about 3" above complete parallel

1x10 @ 135

3x20 @ 225

Feeling better with these after just 2 workouts, aiming to get back to sets of 20 with 315 again soon.


That was it for yesterday, now a few days off until I can scout the gym at our hotel and see how to get together to train with Robert this weekend!

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Yeah man! Let's hammer it! I can barely walk today after a leg workout this morning. I'll be really for any muscle group and I want to keep my training up while I'm there because I'm making good progress....up 20lbs from this past summer!


So anyway, I look forward to the opportunity!


See you soon and let's throw some weights around!


Have fun packing, I have to do the same tonight....6:50AM flight tomorrow!


Take care,

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Sorry I missed training with you, Robert! Sleeping for half of the day when I intended to take a 1 hour nap didn't make things any better, but one of these days we'll get something going when we meet up.


Lost a week for the trip, but hit the gym on my first day back, beat my legs to a pulp (and did some chest stuff, too.)


DB bench -

8x10 @ 85s

1x25 @ 55s


Box squats to parallel, dead stop and re-set on each rep -

1x10 @ empty bar

1x5 @ 135

1x2 @ 225

20x3 @ 275 - lots of low-rep sets, no struggling allowed, each one done well

5x4 @ 300 - jumped up a bit, still not too hard, but starting to get worn out

5x4 @ 275 - dropped down again, easier than ever after a small reduction in weight


Dropped the pins in the rack down to the bottom, did some paused rock-bottom squats as far below parallel as I could go -

1x3 @ 225

1x1 @ 275

1x1 @ 315

Each rep stopped dead for a 2 second count, all went up easily, much more comfortably than expected after the box squat marathon. Seems to be paying off, I'll be doing the box work for another month before I head back to good old deep squats again.


Hit my 100 total rep squat goal with 275 or more, feeling good about it, but I can't move much at all right now because my muscles and joints are fried (knees get a bit crabby after high-volume squatting but only for a day, then they're fine again.) Next week will be the work to hit the goal of 3x20 @ 225 for the box squats, and perhaps I'll start doing some squat lockouts just to put a little more weight on my back again (but not too much just yet.) Will post again in a few days after the next back/shoulder workout is done!

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