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Ryan's "Hope to compete again in 2014" log

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Thanks, Mini Forklift! Be sure to check the Elite Fts videos of the Dimmel deadlift as well, after seeing it done properly once, you'll know exactly how to do it!


Upper back and chest work tonight -


Flat barbell bench press, medium grip

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x4 @ 185

1x3 @ 225

1x2 @ 255

1x1 @ 275

10x5 @ 245

Felt great with benching, didn't have a really tough rep until the very final one. Moving on to a few less sets next time I go with 5's again, will shoot for 8x5 @ 250 in a few weeks. Once that's done, I will test a new max again.


Barbell rows -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

2x10 @ 275

Shot some video, realized I was really doing more of a Yates row style on these, will drop the weight again next time and do some high volume work to get better with rows again.


Wide grip pull ups -

2x12 @ bodyweight (230 clothed tonight)


Dumbbell rows -

2x15 @ 155 lb. Dumbbell each arm


Monster band with v handle seated rows -

2x20 @ black band, about 140 lbs tension at start of row, about 180 lbs at finish of row


1 arm weighted Prowler rows on AstroTurf -

1x30 each arm @ 300 lb loaded Prowler


Pretty beat for the big stuff at that point, wrapped up with back to back sets of face down on incline bench db front raises and red band pull a parts and called it a night.


Squatting on Tuesday night!

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Thanks, will try and hunt the video down. Just got some bands and new squat shoes ordered, originally was going to use EliteFTS but their international shipping costs were pretty high. Ended up going through LiftingLarge so hopefully should have them sometime by the end of the month. First time I have ever used bands, so I'm hoping to get a lot from them.

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3 weeks off training (finally got a session in on the 30th) due to crazy workload, holidays and getting the flu on top of it. In the middle of it all, I lost my ownership in the gym I helped start, life's all over the place these days, might take a bit more time off lifting and probably won't be online much for a while as I get some things in order. I'll be back one of these days, just not sure how soon, best to everyone in their training!

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Popping in for quick log of last night's leg workout, lowered weight and added a set and one rep to my usual scheme since I've been off of training for most of December and don't want to overdo my first leg day back again.


Barbell squats to just under parallel -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 185

1x3 @ 225

1x3 @ 275

6x6 @ 315, all sets felt good for 8+ reps, but keeping things in check for now.

Will do same set/rep scheme with 325 next week and work my way back up to where I left off in a few weeks.


Safety squat bar squats to rock bottom -

2x8 @ 225 lbs.

1x20 @ 135

Easy on the legs, just for added core work and some lighter weight reps at the end


Circuit of lying leg curls (3x15 @ 150 lbs.), band pull aparts, and ab wheel from the knees to fully prone, 30 seconds rest between each circuit, and that was it.


Legs pretty beat up today, some of those pesky little hidden muscles around the lower back are pretty sore as well today, too, from 3 weeks of nothing to stimulate them, so I'll be limping for a while after this one.


Should be doing overhead work and some light lower back stuff either tomorrow or Saturday!

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Hey, Mini Forklift!


No belts that we have right now at all (much less anything IPF approved), I'd check Strength Shop UK for those, they should still have such belts on hand that would be just what you're looking for!


Had one upper back/chest session a few days ago, forgot to log it, did shoulders and deadlifts last night -


Light power cleans to warm up -

3x3 @ 135 lbs.


Standing overhead log press in the power rack, rolling log out and back into position each rep -

1x8 @ 75 lb. empty log

1x5 @ 125 lbs.

1x5 @ 150 lbs.

4x6 @ 180 lbs.

2x12 @ 150 lbs.

1x25 @ 125 lbs., hit 20, rested 10 seconds, 5 reps to finish


Deadlifts -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

1x5 @ 275

1x5 @ 315

10x5 @ 365


Then began light assistance work for the final half hour -


3 circuits of lean-away 1-arm cable lateral raises (2x25 @ 20 lbs. each arm), band pull-aparts (25 reps w/ red band), and sip shrugs (25 reps @ bodyweight), 45 seconds rest between circuits


3 circuits of cable face pulls (3x20 @ 140 lbs.), barbell shrugs (3x25 @ 315 lbs.) and face down on incline bench DB front raises (3x20 @ 20 lb. dbs), 30 seconds rest between sets


That was it, feeling pretty good, weight coming down slightly to 224 without any real strength loss so far, should be good for starting back up on training regularly now that schedule isn't so hectic.


Upper back and some light strongman event work on Monday, legs and chest to follow that!

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Quick update!


Decided to get a short-term gym membership where it's actually heated during the coldest months (sick of training in freezing temperatures for now, decided to move into warmth for convenience and motivation), still staying about the same for weight/strength, haven't been too serious about training for a while but just making sure to maintain until I get my fire back again.


Deadlift day a few days ago, worked up to 420x5 before calling it a day, otherwise, nothing too eventful, just spending most of my time working or enjoying myself with few expectations, hoping to get back into serious training again in about a month after my Spring travel season for work is over and done.


Will probably work on a cutting plan in about a month as well, haven't added any bodyfat, but getting awfully curious how it'd be to get sub-10%, might just go for it this spring to see if I can finally get down to seeing a 6 pack of abs in my final year before I hit 40 just to see what I can manage. But, I may get sidetracked and just want to get stronger again, we'll see where things go at mid-March!

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Been a while, need to get back to keeping my log updated again.


Just got back from California 2 days ago, got in my first leg / chest session last night -


Close-grip barbell bench -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x3 @ 185

10x2 @ 235, trying for "speed" doubles, kept it moving pretty fast but lost my groove a few times but had fun with it


Squats -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x3 @ 225

1x3 @ 275

1x2 @ 315

1x1 @ 335

1x1 @ 355

1x1 @ 375

1x1 @ 395

Dropped weight down

3x3 @ 340

10x2 @ 295 speed doubles, 60 sec. rest between sets, all sets with fast reps


Hammer Strength plate-loaded incline press -

3x8 @ 250 lbs.


Barbell half squats (12" ROM from pins to lockout)

1x3 @ 405

1x3 @ 425

1x3 @ 445

Easy stuff, just trying to put a few lbs. more on my back now that lower back problems seem to be long over with, time to have fun again.


Upper back work coming tonight, deadlifting on Saturday!

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Quick upper back workout last night, in and out in 55 minutes total.


Pull-ups -

1x5 @ bodyweight (230 lbs. clothed)

1x8 w/ 45 lbs. added on (done as singles with 1 second deload at bottom of each rep)

1x3 w/ 70 lbs. added on (done as singles with 3 seconds between each rep

1x3 w/ 75 lbs. added on " "

1x2 w/ 80 lbs. added on " "

Haven't done weighted pull-ups much in a while, need to get my groove back again.


Dumbbell rows -

2x15 @ 150 lb. DB each arm

Still dreaming of a gym where I can find dumbbells that actually go up to 200 lbs!


Wide grip pulldowns to sternum, about 30 degree lean back -

1x10 @ 230 lbs.

1x8 @ 250

1x6 @ 270


1-arm rows with barbell attached to Landmine unit pivot point on one end -

2x20 each arm @ 75 lbs. plus bar weight (around 100 lbs. total)


Cable face pulls 2x20 @ full stack alternated with face down on incline bench DB front raises for 2x20 with no rest between and that was it.


Going for a nice walk today, will be doing some conditioning work tomorrow and deadlifting on Sunday!

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Thanks, everyone!


Was is California for business with one day to relax, got plenty of activity in walking about 6-8 miles every day, but didn't get any lifting in, so it was time to start as soon as I got home!


Overhead pressing and deadlifts tonight -


Standing strict overhead barbell press -

1x10 @empty bar

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x4 @ 165

1x3 @ 185

1x2 @ 205

1x1 @ 215

1x1 @ 225

2x4 @ 205

1x6 @ 185

1x8 @ 175


Deadlifts -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

1x5 @ 315, put on belt afterward

1x8 @ 375

1x8 @ 385

1x8 @ 395

1x15 @ 315

Rep strength coming along well again, aiming to pull sets of 10 @ 405 this summer and finally pull 500+ again!


1 arm overhead dumbbell press -

2x15 @ 65 lb. db


Dimel deadlifts -

2x25 @ 145 lbs.


Band pull-a parts -



That was plenty today, two more weeks until new cutting plan goes into effect, then a month later it will be back to putting on size!

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Thanks, Mini Forklift - we'll see this summer how the attempt for 500 goes in a few months, just going to take it slow and steady for a while and see how things work out for it.


Quick chest/upper back day last night -


Pull-ups -

1x5 on rock climbing grip hand holds

2x8 @ 45 lbs. added on, medium width overhand grip

1x8 @ 45 lbs. added on, rock climbing grip hand holds (very tough on the fingers after a while)


Flat bench press, close grip (hands just at torso width) -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 185

1x3 @ 225

8x2 @ 235, just trying to press them as fast as possible

5x2 @ 225, each with 2 second pause on chest


1-arm seated row -

1x10 @ 150 lbs. each arm

1x15 @ 125 lbs. each arm

1x20 @ 100 lbs. each arm


1-arm barbell shrugs -

1x10 @ 135 lbs. each arm

1x10 @ 185 " "

1x10 @ 235 " "

1x15 @ 185 " "

1x30 @ 135 " "


DB Spoon presses -

3x12 @ 70 lb. DBs


Cable w/ rope handle face pulls -

2x15 @ full stack


Plate loaded close grip flat bench machine -

2x12 @ 200 lbs.


That was in, in and out in an hour to the mark, going back in for legs tonight!

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Quick leg workout today a few days later than expected - better late than never!


Squats to about 2 inches below parallel -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

1x3 @ 275

1x2 @ 315

1x1 @ 355

1x1 @ 385

5x3 @ 350

All sets pretty easy, felt good for 5+ every set, starting to finally get my groove again.


Safety bar squats to rock bottom-

3x10 @ 225


Bottom-up 1/3 squats in the power rack, bar starting at lower sternum height, about 9" ROM to lockout -

1x1 @ 405

1x1 @ 455

1x1 @ 500

1x1 @ 545

1x1 @ 600

1x20 @ 405


Lying plate loaded leg curl -

1x20 @ 100 lbs.

1x20 @ 120

1x15 @ 140


Than was it, upper back and shoulders tomorrow, then deadlifts Tuesday!

1x20 @ 405

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Upper back and shoulder work tonight -


Axle presses -

1x10 @ empty 55 lb. axle

1x5 @ 145 lbs.

1x3 @ 175

1x2 @ 200

Changed to push presses, need to work on those as my technique has gone to hell from not doing them for 4-5 years now -

3x8 @ 200 lbs.

Far from ideal, but I know it just takes time to get technique back to being decent again.


Barbell rows -

1x5 @ 135

1x5 @ 185

2x12 @ 235

2x20 @ 185

1x40 @ 135, just wanted to see how many reps I could crank out before I'd be too gassed to keep going


V-Handle seated row w/ black EliteFTS monster band, about 160 lbs. tension at start, around 220 or so at finish each rep -



In between the upper back stuff, I would put in a set of speed triples for push presses @ 150 lbs., just working on being fast and getting it overhead in one snap. All the strict pressing these years has slowed me down, gotta get that fixed, so an extra 30 reps to practice should help!


Sled rows with D handle -

2x20 @ 350 lbs. each arm on astroturf area


Wrapped up with 3 circuits of assistance work:


Face pulls with red mini band looped around squat rack pillar, 20 reps, no rest, then...

Safety squat bar Hise shrugs, (sets werr 1x25 @ 315, 365, 415), then...

Face down on incline bench DB front raises, 3x20 @ 25 lb. DBs


That was it, totally fried afterward, nothing left to give.


One more week of normal training, then I'll be attempting the cutting plan that a friend of mine has been working on (he can shed 30 lbs. of fat in 2 months with no problem any time he wants, so he seems to know what he's doing ), he came up with a veganized version, so I'm giving it one last go to try and cut the last 10-15 lbs. of crud weight I've always wanted to get rid of, then it's back to getting strong again this summer. Gonna be weird being below 220 for a bit when it starts since I haven't been below that mark in about 10 years, but if it does what it's supposed to, I'll enjoy having single digit bodyfat numbers for the first time. But, first, gotta deadlift and squat again this week, need to enjoy my time of normal stuff before it's a month of primarily liquid meals and lighter short rest period work!

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Busy week, JUST got in to deadlift last night and do a little chest work while there -


Deadlifts -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

1x3 @ 315

1x2 @ 365

1x1 @ 405

1x1 @ 425

1x1 @ 450, met goal for now, which was nice. Bar flew up a foot, but of course, my weak point is from about 4-6" below the knee, but once it cleared my knee it locked out fast. Post-cutting, I'll be working on my sticking point so I can get 500 again this year.


Flat barbell bench -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 185

1x5 @ 225

1x5 @ 230

1x5 @ 235

Just not feeling great with benching today, changed it up a bit and added some reverse bands to play around with how that setup felt for reducing weight off the chest but not so much near lockout. Bands took off about 100 lbs. on the chest, and only about 40 lbs. at lockout -

1x10 @ 225 lbs, felt really light on the chest, but got heavier toward lockout but still a bit light

1x10 @ 275 lbs., just made all reps but couldn't have done much more

1x6 @ 285, triceps starting to give out a bit

1x3 @ 295

1x2 @ 310

1x1 @ 335, barely made it


Back to deadlifts, did speed pulls with 45-60 seconds between sets, all reps fast -

10x2 @ 300 lbs.


Wrapped up with an assistance movement I'd seen somewhere recently, was supposed to be good for both lower back and upper back, basically doing Romanian deaflifts in the rack from mid-shin height about 4" off the floor with a snatch grip -

1x10 @ 225 lbs.

1x10 @ 275

1x10 @ 315

Felt good, that was it, called it a day.


Upper back on Satuday, legs on Sunday, then it's time to shed some fat!

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Upper back work last night -


Barbell rows, underhand grip -

1x10 @ 135 lbs.

1x8 @ 185

1x5 @ 225

3x10 @ 245


Pull-ups -

3x12, one set wide, one medium, one narrow


Overhead shrugs w/ barbell, press out about 6" off pins in rack then shrug -

2x20 @ 225 lbs.

1x20 @ 275

1x50 @ 225


Face down on incline bench DB rows @ about 30 degree incline -

2x15 @ 85 lb. DBs, much harder than normal rows on this one, all reps slow and squeezed


Safety squat bar Hise shrugs -

1x10 @ 225 lbs.

1x10 @ 315

1x10 @ 365

2x20 @ 405


Band pull-aparts -



That was it, leg day tonight, then it's time to change gears for a month!

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Leg day!


Safety squat bar squats to 12" box to warm up -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 185

1x3 @ 225

1x2 @ 250

1x2 @ 275


Squats to just below parallel -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x3 @ 185

1x3 @ 225

1x2 @ 275

1x2 @ 315

1x1 @ 365

1x1 @ 395

5x8 @ 315

All sets pretty easy, felt good for a few more on every set, which was nice.


Decided to test things a bit and moved to 3/4 squats in the power rack, pins set at 6" above parallel -

3x5 @ 405 lbs

A good way to work on the transition from my weak spot to my lockout that is decent, can really feel the hamstrings fire hard when doing a quick tap to deload on the pins for a split second.


Wrapped up with 2x20 lying leg curls @ 130 lbs and that was it.


Two days until I start the month long diet plan, curious to see how it goes!

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Tried my first new workout today, kicked my ass hard, I'm not used to short rest periods like these! Essentially, two days a week will be moderate weight, lower rep, but LOTS of sets done with 30-60 seconds between them. Squat and Deadlift days will continue to be somewhat normal, but all other days will be adjusted for a while. Here was workout #1 -


Upper back and shoulders -


Barbell rows -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 185

8x5 @ 225, but only 45 seconds between sets. Felt pretty easy until the 7th set, then the lungs started to burn a bit and lats were cramping slightly, but polished off all 8 in just 8 minutes for the 40 rep goal.


Overhead log presses in the rack, rolling log on pins into collar for setup on each rep -

1x5 @ 75 lb. empty log

1x5 @ 125 lbs.

8x5 @ 150 lbs. - seemed like it should have been easy for how light it was, but after set 5, I'd have to take an extra few breaths beteween the last few reps, it was getting tough! 50 seconds between sets, done in 10 minutes flat.


Pull-ups, medium grip -

8x5 @ bodyweight (228 lbs. clothed), 40 seconds between sets

Not too bad, tired on the last set but overall, it went well.


Push presses with axle -

5x5 @ 155 lbs.

Kept it light, shoulders were dying fast, 60 seconds between sets as I was definitely getting tired now.


1-arm row Meadows row with barbell wedged in corner -

5x10 each arm @ 100 lbs. (75 lbs. weight plus about half of barbell), 45 seconds rest between sets, did all sets for one arm then changed to the other. Lats totally pumped and cramped, sucking wind a bit more now, starting to feel like I don't have too much left.


Lean-away cable lateral raises -

3x15 @ 20 lbs. each arm, did all sets for one arm then changed to the other.


Definitely beat by that time. Wrapped up with quick circuit of upper back assistance, 3 circuit sets before being done, no rest between sets or circuits -


Cable face pulls with 2 handled rope -

3x20 @ 130 lbs.

Dip shrugs -

3x20 @ bodyweight

Face down on incline bench DB front raises -

3x15 @ 20 lb. DBs


Almost puked when totally done, called it a day, took 65 minutes to complete everything and was as much a cardio workout as it was anything else.


Deadlifts tomorrow!

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Lower back day!


Deadlifts, moderate weight, low reps, lots of sets, 90-120 seconds max rest between sets to improve conditioning -

1x5 @ 135 lbs.

1x5 @ 225

1x3 @ 315

10x5 @ 365


Snatch grip deadlifts on lowest pin settings in the rack (about 3" off normal floor height deadlifts) -

3x10 @ 330 lbs.


Stone loads to 52" platform, 170 lb. stone, no tacky on hands so it was smooth -

3x5 loads


Ab wheel roll-outs from knees to full extension -



That was it, simple session today, might go back in for some light conditioning work tomorrow, if not, planning on taking a nice long walk, then it's chest and light upper back work on Sunday!

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Hey, Mini Forklift!


Yeah, some of my training sessions are brutally high volume, but I still get a bit stronger and the fat loss is working well with it, but once I get to summer and things are where I'd like, I'm going to cut the total volume considerably and allow a lot more rest time as I work solely to get stronger again. My strength will definitely go up faster once I cut about 40-50% of the total workload and extend rest periods, it's still a few months away, but I'll get there before long. The way things have been going make me think I'd like to step on the powerlifting plaform again next year, providing I can keep my weight down to compete as a 220, which should be possible. It'll be fun to see where the rest of the year takes me!


Weekend is starting off well so far, hope it's the same for you and that the training is also going well these days!

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