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too much muscle?

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I loved that...it was icing on the cake. All my friends were rooting for him since I lived near Baltimore and I told them all he as a fluke and of course he was.

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Valentino looks bad enough, but the other guy doing the truck pull...that's the worst thing ever. Valentino was actually a pretty sizeable guy, but the other one, he looks like the average man who put a gallon of synthol into his arms and thought that'd make him look better. If he didn't lose a limb from infection after that I'd be completely amazed.

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This is absolutely insane. I've seen these images and the documentary about Valentino before. It is really gross and dangerous.


I think arms like this look much better:







Synthol is always totally sick looking and I know it is quite dangerous too. Milos Sarcev had some problems with it years ago when he injected the needle in the wrong area and almost killed himself. It's not good stuff.


Stick with arms like this guy:



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