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So I´m finally here


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Hey, I´m an 18 years old guy from Germany. I´m ~176cm @ 59kg (basically neither fat nor muscles ), therefore my aim is to gain more weigth in form of muscles. As my chronical lack of disclipine always keeps me from training on a regular level I decided to register hoping some people here can help me in forming a proper training and (as I think more important in my situation) eating plan.


Yup that´s basically it, excuse any English errors as I´m in a serious lack of sleep atm.

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Great to have you here. We have lots and lots of members from Germany so perhaps you'll find someone in your area of the country on the forum.


Thanks for finding our forum and introducing yourself. I look forward to hearing more from you.


Enjoy the forum. All the best and welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard! Give us some more detail about you! Where are you from? Hobbies? Diet?


small town in West Germany (~1600 inhabitants), some small cities around here (20000-50000) and the next bigger one (mainz) is about 1h by train


hobbies vary quite much, usually I start many things but don´t bring them to an end


vegan for nearly three years now,but atm. not very healthy eating habits I´ve to admit (I never liked fruits that much, but I´ll try to change this now)


more questions?

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