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Mark you calendars - April 5th - Eat To Live Teleconference


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Hello everyone,


For those of you have heard of Dr. Fuhrman and the ETL (Eat To Live) diet. This is a open invitation to anyone who just wants to chat with other ETL'ers from around the world! This is a chance to talk about your ETL experiences, introduce yourselves, find other people in your area and much more.


Talia Fuhrman and/or I will will be moderating the teleconference.


It will be a "Skype" teleconference and more details are coming soon. You will be able to call in by using Skype or a regular land line/mobile. There is no charge for this* and you do not have to be a member of the DrFuhrman.com Member Center.


April 5th

9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Call in number and Skype number will be released soon!


If you have any questions just ask and I will do my best to answer them.


* Phone charges may apply.

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Here is the information! You can call in from a landline, mobile or Skype.


Thurs April 5th, 9pm EST


From Skype call +990008275059272



From land line / mobile: In the US, call 1-605-475-8590

(long distance costs apply).


Enter Conference Room Number : 5059272


Calling from Europe, call

In Austria: 0820 4000 1574

In Belgium: 070 35 9989

In France: 0826 100 277

In Germany 01805 00 7649

In Ireland: 0818 270 034

In Italy: 0848 390 175

In Spain: 0902 886 051

In Switzerland: 0848 560 195

In UK: 0870 738 0763

(national rate charges will apply).


Participant Features Available During the Conference


*1 - To play a menu of available features.


*2 - To mute your own line.


*3 - To unmute your own line.


*4 - To hear the total number of participants in the conference.


*0 - To increase volume. Press repeatedly to keep increasing the volume.


*# - To decrease volume. Press repeatedly to keep decreasing the volume.


11 - To raise your hand so the moderator can unmute your line.



If anyone is just merely interested in learning more or hearing more from people doing the ETL lifestyle then please join us! There will be a handraising mode, all you have to do is press "11" and we will see your hand raised and then give you a chance to speak. It is basically going to just be an open forum for this first teleconference.


Thanks Guys

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