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going out for camping..


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ok, just to let y'all know i'm going for camping tomorrow with other people from my school ... and i will be back sunday.. ( 2 full days )and i'll try to take some pictures and maybe post them here.. ( if yall r interest.. )

to eat, i'm bringing

4 grapefruits,

1 small bottle of 'natural' orange juice ( not so 'natural', but it's way better than the regular ones, http://www.noblejuice.com/orange.html )

the 'green goodness' juice from bolthouse farms, ( http://www.bolthouse.com/html/cs_green_juice_n.html )

ginger candy, ( the 16oz bag from reed's )

a bag of pistachios.. ( 16z )

3 cans of organic chickpeas,

few bananas,

1 cantaloupe

3 omega 'organic bars' ( http://www.organicfoodbar.com/usa/prod.html ) and

ready made tabouli salad.. ( i love tabouli salad..) =D )



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but i'm also going to bring several other things.. ( listed above )

and i'm leaving tomorrow in the afternoon ( in which i'm probably going to eat a lot before leaving ) and coming back sunday in the morning... just '2' days that i'm really going to have to worry about.. i won't be hungry..

and thanks.. i'll try to enjoy every second..


ps. i think i'll be fine.. just 2 days of eating 'less' isn't going to harm in any way. but maybe i should bring more, i'll bring watermelon, grapes, and other snacks.. when i'm camping i usually eat less calories anyways..

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oh guys, i'm back.. i had to rest and organize a lot of stuff yesterday.. and i still have my camera to find... but it was really fun..the food that i had was enough ( enough to survive.. lol ), i mean, obviously i was eating less food than i usually do, but my weight still the same.. at least my stomach had a little rest, now that i'm back home i'm eating all i can...

it feels good eating a lot of food after a 'shortage'

lol.. you guys were right, i should've brought more..

anyways.. i feel fine.. but next time i won't forget.. i will try to bring more instead of less.


i'm planning to camp w/ friends again in the springbreak ( starting this friday )... and i'm probably going to bring a lots of food..( i won't be eating 'less' ) and hopefully i won't forget my sleeping bag like i did this weekend..

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