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Lost Coast Backpacking Adventure 2007!


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Got back from the Lost Coast of Northern California this morning after a backpacking adventure that covered approximately 25 miles in 4-5 days. There was a mostly vegan meal provided for everyone (there was a small amount of optional meat, cheese, and butter for the carnivores... but they were "mostly vegan" for the duration of the trip). They asked me loads of questions about the vega I was carrying around and stuff and sampled my tofu jerky (some even asked for more). Apparently the one guy's girlfriend is vegan.


On the last day of the trip I was a good 200 ft. or so ahead of the nearest person... it felt good to be doing so much better than everyone else considering I'm still considerably larger than they are.


Anyways... here are the pics I got. Check them out here:




It's amazing to see how far I've come with veganism and my own personal fitness. Compare the photos from my August backpacking trip to the ones from this backpacking trip. In just 7 months I've done this:











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Awesome progress...its nice not being so hot all the time isn't it? I could always do selective working out outside when I was big but I really didn't like being in the heat for leisurly activities at all.

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Looks like you need to buy some smaller clothes


That I do. Unfortunately, none of my budget has been set aside for replacing my entire wardrobe.


And I didn't realize until we'd already started on the trip that I probably should have brought a belt. (I just got these pants too... I wasn't expecting them to be so loose already as they're 4 inches smaller in the waist than everything else I own).

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I love stories like this!


Me too! I never thought I'd have one of my own to tell though. I started out at around 295... that was probably around December 2005. Those pictures were from August 2006 where I was about 265 or so... I think I've lost about 45 pounds since then. But, I haven't weighed in for a while... so I can't say for sure.


I first looked at the top two pics and thought they were supposed to be the before and after, then I scrolled down and WOW!


It surprises me when I start comparing before and after photos... I can't believe how much progress I've made. I owe a good deal of it to my transition to veganism. Healthy eating is the first step...


Holy shit I seriously had shivers go down my spine when i saw that!!!



i totally admire you


I admire me too. And I admire that you admire me.


is this the same person?


Surprising, no?


Awesome progress...its nice not being so hot all the time isn't it?


Very. My body still has issues with regulating body temperature... but I'm hoping I'll get that under control as I continue to lose more weight (and then eventually start putting on muscle... although I've already put on a fair amount).


Thanks everyone for your compliments! I appreciate all the kinds words...

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Great progress pics! Awesome body transformation. It is something to be very proud of and something that will surely inspire others.


I've been watching your goal progress on your signature. You're making some awesome improvements in health!


Keep on keepin on.

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For the one's out there who doesn't know, it's soooo much better to not be fat than to be fat.

I'm just saying


yeah, I'm just saying, too!


It's amazing to see those pictures. While I haven't weighed myself in a couple months, I'm probably close to having lost 95 lbs total - not because of veganism but because of healthy food choices and exercise. I see your dramatic results and I'm boggled - did I have the same transformation?? Isn't it weird to see the pictures? You know you're losing but you don't see it daily in the mirror!


Congratulations! You look great! (not to mention healthy and happy!)

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Isn't it weird to see the pictures? You know you're losing but you don't see it daily in the mirror!


It's very weird to see the pictures. The transformation takes place so slowly over several months that you don't really notice it... other than the clothes fitting looser. It's only after comparing the photos that you can really tell how far you've come.

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wow.. you've changed a lot...


From fat and lazy stereotypical American to good-looking vegan environmentalist hippie: chef/student by day, asleep by night.


so did I... i was eating anything people would give me, careless about how unhealthy it would be, or where it came from, i'd just do whatever i felt like doing.. 2 years later i'm eating mostly whole-foods.. ( and of course -> vegan )...

unlike my omnivore period, now i'm actually exercising everyday.. now i rarely watch tv, and everything has some kind of 'meaning', unlike old times.. lol

yep, people change a lot..

at least now i'm full of goals.

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