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Jay here


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I'm surprised at how quickly this place has gotten busy. I'll try to post here more often.


Anyway I'm 32 and vegan about 20 months. I like lifting heavy. Best bench is 295, dip BW+110x3, chin BW+120 (just missed BW+140 recently). I'm 6'4" 220 currently. Did deadlift 465 and squat 345 but then herniated a disc in my back. I only get about 60 grams of protein a day.


So that's that. See you around.

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Hey Jay,


Great to see you back here.


Yeah, we got fairly busy pretty quickly. I think we're around 16 weeks old for this new version of the forum and somewhere around 100 posts a day lately, sometimes nearly 200, so activity is picking up.


We also have tons of friendly fitness contests, which are one of my favorite things to do and it really does motivate me to train harder


Glad to have you here and come back and visit anytime!



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Eh? There's so much potential for misunderstanding on discussion boards I never bother with humor, especially since mine is really warped. I think Big Brother is some TV show? I don't watch TV. Jay isn't short for Jason but you can call me whatever you want. Nice to meet you.

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